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Rumour: New 3D or 2.5D Donkey Kong game being developed by Super Mario Odyssey team

A juicy rumour is doing the rounds this afternoon which suggests that Nintendo’s internal development team are taking over the beloved Donkey Kong series and are busy readying a new 3D or 2.5D Donkey Kong game. The game is apparently being developed by the Super Mario Odyssey developers over at Nintendo EPD. Retro Studios currently have their hands full developing the next game in the Metroid Prime series after the Bandai Namco version of the game was ultimately scrapped by Nintendo. Nintendo Life says that they have heard the same thing about a new Donkey Kong game for Switch from a trusted source, however, they say that the game isn’t fully 3D. Instead it will be a 2.5D game. It should also be noted that it’s also Donkey Kong’s 40th anniversary, so hopefully we should see something at E3 if this rumour is proved legitimate.

“Nintendo Life can confirm that it has heard the same rumour from an independent (and very trusted) source, which would appear to lend this report some degree of legitimacy. However, our source claims that the game will be 2D (or 2.5D, if you prefer) and not 3D.”

Nintendo Life

The very same rumour has also been backed by notable video game leaker Zippo who has said the following.

It’s the big ape’s 40th anniversary, and while I’m not sure how Nintendo is celebrating the occasion, there is a new 2D DK game being developed by EPD Tokyo. Retro is obviously busy with other things, so Nintendo has taken it upon themselves to bring DK back in as internal series. Don’t expect the “Country” moniker to return, as EPD Tokyo are not interested in making a sequel to games they didn’t make. Diddy, Cranky and the Kremling Krew should all be returning in this installment. It sounds like this game is launching before the end of the year. An E3 announcement seems very likely.



13 thoughts on “Rumour: New 3D or 2.5D Donkey Kong game being developed by Super Mario Odyssey team”

    1. “Another”? It incredibly rare for Nintendo in-house team to do remakes. Tf do you mean “Another”?

  1. If true I’d much prefer a 3D donkey Kong game. We’ve had enough 2D ones that are very good and only one attempt at a 3D over 20 years ago. Plus there’s more than enough 2D platformers in general on Switch.

  2. “Retro is obviously busy with other things”

    Making shit games!

    Finally DK has the Kremlins and a great studio making the game!

  3. It won’t be long until the rumors are completely over and see if everything is completely true about this. I mean, there is always great rumors from Nintendo.

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