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Indie game ‘Spy Alarm’ utilises the infrared sensor on the Joy-Con to create a tripwire

If there’s one feature of the Nintendo Switch that has been criminally underused, it’s most definitely the infrared sensor that’s tucked away on the bottom of the right Joy-Con. It’s mostly been used by Nintendo themselves with the quirky 1-2-Switch having players hold it up to their mouths to munch on a virtual hot dog. Nintendo Labo also showed off the sensor’s rudimentary capabilities with a simple camera function. Well, developer Sabec (the folk behind the £8 calculator which you may have heard of recently) have created a Nintendo Switch application that turns the right Joy-Con into a tripwire.

Before you go swapping out your pricey home security system though, it’s worth noting that the beam will only reach up to 1 meter, so it’s probably best you don’t swap out what you may already have at home. You’ll also have to keep the console on for it to work, obviously. Still, it’s good to see the IR sensor being used.

‘Spy Alarm’ will be available from the eShop on 27th May and it will cost the same as that Calculator app, but here’s the description from Nintendo’s website if you’re interested:

Spy Alarm guards your stuff!

Spy Alarm works by transmitting an invisible infra-red trip wire which if broken sounds an alarm.

Switch between four different alarm sounds and as a bonus Spy Alarm comes equipped with an intruder logger which lets you see exactly when and how many times the alarm was triggered while you were away.

So how does it work? Spy alarm transmits an invisible infra-red beam from IR Camera at the bottom of the right Joy-Con™, if someone or something crosses the beam, the beams bounces back to the IR Camera which then sounds the alarm.

Spy Alarm works better if placed on the edge of a flat surface with a the range of up to 1 metre and even further when a white or reflective object breaks the beam.


7 thoughts on “Indie game ‘Spy Alarm’ utilises the infrared sensor on the Joy-Con to create a tripwire”

  1. I have a feeling this is going to sale well, knowing that people brought the caculator one for internet meme points, at least this one seems really useful as it use uses a underuse feature from the switch.

    1. A laser wire and a program that can be used to generate actual currency are exactly the same thing lol.

  2. Sabec, huh? Whoever that is, he/she/they pump out a ton of low-budget-yet-expensive shovelware onto the eShop and you can tell English isn’t their first language if you read their descriptions.

    Seriously, the dev wants $10 for a chess game when you get a chess game AND 50 other games in one package for $40 (Clubhouse Games if you didn’t know).

  3. I am actually really loving that Calculator game. I just thought it was going to be something I might casually play here and there but I keep finding all these different combinations of numbers that can be input into the game. It almost seems like the number possibilities are endless and it can get really crazy! I just may have to check out this new Spy Alarm game because I’ve been seriously impressed with Calculator. I’m hoping Limited Run puts out a physical version of Calculator. Fingers crossed!

    1. Dude I found out that if you press 2 and then press + followed by 2 it makes 4, but if you press 2 and the giant X and then 2 again… It also makes it 4??? Crazy, not sure if it’s a glitch or not. + and X are two different buttons.

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