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Eurogamer: Upgraded Nintendo Switch to be announced soon to ensure that third parties can reveal compatible titles at E3

The rumour mill is churning at high speeds today as more reports are coming in surrounding the highly-anticipated, but not yet officially announced Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’. Earlier today, we reported that Bloomberg lifted the lid on some potentially exciting news that an upgraded Switch model will be revealed any time now. Emily Rogers has also subtly chimed in giving everyone another reason to keep refreshing social media for an official announcement.

Now it’s Eurogamer who is pointing towards an imminent announcement to the improved Nintendo Switch saying the following on the matter “Nintendo’s long-awaited Switch upgrade is expected to be shown ahead of E3 2021, according to a report published by Bloomberg [paywall] today and Eurogamer’s own sources.”. News Editor Tom Phillips also goes on the explain the reason as to why it could be revealed before E3, “I understand this is to ensure third-parties working on games which support the upgraded Switch are free to announce these projects at E3, and before Nintendo’s own digital showcase later in that week.”.

Time will tell, but rest assured, we will let you know as soon as we hear any announcement.


16 thoughts on “Eurogamer: Upgraded Nintendo Switch to be announced soon to ensure that third parties can reveal compatible titles at E3”

  1. Looks like everything Emily said was truth. Looks like I misunderstood her. I’m a little excited for it but not too excited since I’m not planning on getting a new version of Nintendo Switch model. But I might occasionally in the future.

      1. Yeah I agree with you. I know it’s going to sell out in one week during it’s launch. But hey, it’s a living. Not everyone has something that other people don’t have.

    1. It’s not like a new Switch version was ever a secret. It was known to come since the Switch was revealed. What was not known and what we still don’t know is just what the improvements will be.

  2. Just hurry up and announce it Nintendo.
    I’m gona pre order from game ASAP or else it’s gona be one of those can’t get hold of anywhere scenarios.

    I wonder if Nintendo might drop a quick direct before e3

    1. Yeah but sooner and later, it will be sold out in one freaking week once and you try to get your hands on one during the line. You can pre-order it if you want, but I’m gonna wait until everything is in the clear.

  3. I waited quite a while to acquire my Switch. But I intend to get the Switch Pro (provided that every source is not wrong) immediately! And the Breath of the Wild sequel that will probably be released on the same day.

  4. Playing devil’s advocate here, this could explain why the Dragon Quest games don’t list the Switch as they could be saving that for after Nintendo reveals the upgraded one.

  5. Well they can’t announce on Sonic day that would be shady. Friday is for bad news so they won’t do it then, or the rest of weekend. Then Tuesday is basically Monday because of Memorial Day in America is Monday. Then Wednesday is June 2nd already.

    If true about pre E3 announcement, I’m guessing Thursday morning June 3rd would be the time.

  6. I hope when this Switch Pro was in R&D Nintendo thought of what the PS5 and next Xbox specs could had been like and not compare it to the PS4 back in 2017. They should had thought about that when Wii U was in R&D back in 2007 and it is stupid to have a future console in R&D specs with rivals currently on sale. Otherwise what would be the point of the Switch Pro if it is just neck and neck with a vanilla PS4?

    1. I assume the “Super Nintendo Switch” could be on par between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X– due to SNS powered by DLSS ver. 2.0 technology for 4K gameplay in docked mode.

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