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Nintendo ambassadors are getting packages with items for “enhancing your [E3 Direct] viewing experience”

In less than 24 hours, Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct is slated to begin. Ever since it has been announced, fans have been very curious to see what the company is going to be sharing. But, if you’ve been trying to keep your expectations down and hype responsibly, then Nintendo‘s latest move may not help with that.

Nintendo ambassadors are reporting on their Twitter accounts that Nintendo have been sending them packages. The packages, which have a “Break In Case Of Extreme Excitement” message on them, contain various items. One of the items is a letter from Nintendo, saying that they “wanted to send you some fun items to help enhance your viewing experience” during the Direct.

Nintendo wants ambassadors to use these items to “show how excited you are” if they see something they’re hyped about. Of course, Nintendo also notes that none of the items are hints any Direct announcements, as “we know everyone’s got their (Famicom) detective hats this time of year”. A tweet from one of the Nintendo ambassadors relaying the news is down below.

15 thoughts on “Nintendo ambassadors are getting packages with items for “enhancing your [E3 Direct] viewing experience””

    1. Well it’s gonna disappoint then. Because they won’t show Swtich “Pro” in the Direct and due to Corona they won’t have big games to announce for 2021. It’s gonna be your usual Yoshi/Kirby/Mario Party games, maybe a remake or two and maybe one bigger game like a new Donkey Kong and of course 3rd party announcements.

        1. If revealing a new Smash Character is a highlight in their direct, that’ll be lame since they have reveal trailers from time to time. Honestly though, I can’t even be upset considering E3 has been a little lackluster overall, but that could change this week.

      1. Showing any game is already a big point, the other conferences were pretty bare bones so anything new is already positive at this point i guess.

    1. No no… They are telling us that the new games revealed have nothing to do with the items.

      Hmm… I don’t see any Golden Sun stuff in the box…

  1. I’m starting to worry this Direct will suck. I was most excited for this and capcom direct, but Capcom didn’t even announce one new game. Only thing that seems slightly interesting during this E3 is the FF 1-6 ports, and even then those might be terrible if they use ugly sprites like what we currently have on Steam for FF VI.

    1. It’ll probably be decent if its better than 2016 or 2018 direct (2018 was literally a few game announment with smash ultimate taking up the other half) oh well will see tom.

  2. I really don’t know what this ambassadors are for? but I still not getting my hopes up on this direct because I notice some users believe it will suck with no big announcements.

  3. Here is the list of games they need to show if they want this to happen and I know it wont.

    Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie on Eshope
    DK 3D
    Bayonetta 3
    Metroid 4
    Pikmin 4
    Astral Chain 2
    Kid Ircas
    Luigi Mansion 4
    New Starfox
    Master Chief on Smash
    In under 40mins.

    And when is rare going to make a Banjo-Threeie? It would seem that would be ideal.

    I’m dreaming. The 1st 25 minutes will be low budget titles (like they always do)and probably show 2 exclusive AAA games.

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