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Capcom admits optimising RE Engine on Switch for Monster Hunter Rise was “very difficult” but “challenging and rewarding”

Nintendo Life recently had the chance to chat with Yasunori Ichinose, Director of Monster Hunter Rise. The site was interested to learn how the team got their impressive in-house RE Engine working on the Switch platform. Mr. Ichinose admitted that optimising the new mainline Monster Hunter game using the RE Engine to perform well on Switch initially posed to be problematic. However, the team keep challenging themselves and the engine to ultimately achieve top notch performance while producing one of the best-looking Switch games so far. He concluded by saying that he is pleased that they were successful in bringing the engine over. This obviously bodes well for future Capcom titles on the Switch.

What is your overall feeling after working on Monster Hunter, in the RE Engine, on the Nintendo Switch?

“Optimization was very difficult, but it was also challenging and rewarding. Thanks to the basic design, tools, and development methods of RE ENGINE, we were able to challenge the optimization up until the very last minute. It was a challenge to fit the large RE Engine into the small Nintendo Switch, but I’m happy that we were able to create something that people will think is impressive that it runs at this quality on the Nintendo Switch.”


6 thoughts on “Capcom admits optimising RE Engine on Switch for Monster Hunter Rise was “very difficult” but “challenging and rewarding””

  1. wish they would optimize some monster types for the damn game rather than the same old ass MHW monsters and kushala/tiostra skeleton/ elder dragon types!
    There are literally 3 more species of large monsters that many fans constantly ask for (Neopterons, Carapaceons, and snake wyverns) yet Capcom decided to ignore the very problem MHWI suffered from which is lack of diverse monster types.
    I had more fun hunting monsters like, Seltas Queen, Nerscylla and Najarala than I ever had with the elder dragons.
    Btw they should have put Great Maccao and Malfestio in MHR rather than Kulu-Ya-Ku and Great Baggi

  2. I dunno what they are so proud of? I tested the demo and I’m still waiting for the PC release
    the switch is just not powerful enough, even on the small screen of the switch it wasn’t looking good

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