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Level-5 is now recruiting for brand-new RPG project

Famed Japanese development studio Level-5 has revealed this morning that they are beginning recruiting new staff for a brand new RPG project with platforms still to be determined. The developer has recently seen a massive sales success in the new Ni No Kuni MMO for iOS and Android in Japan. Previous titles that the company has developed include the Professor Layton series and Yo-Kai Watch.

  • A completely new project for Level-5, which has produced Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, Yo-Kai Watch, etc
  • Looking for staff to shape new challenges together
  • Would you like to make a game that excites the world together?

They are looking for talented individuals with the following experience:

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      1. They could have done that before but didn’t, instead they chose to abandon the west entirely.
        The funny thing about Level 5 is they chose to abandon the west before releasing Yo-kai Watch 4 in the west, which was one of the my top sought after release before being canceled.
        Whoever is making descisions over at L5 need to be fired because Yo-kai Watch 4 could have been their most successful game in the west.

        1. Actually it’s been confirmed that yw4 English localize version wasn’t cancel, it’s like their last project for the west though.

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