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Level-5 is now recruiting for brand-new RPG project

Famed Japanese development studio Level-5 has revealed this morning that they are beginning recruiting new staff for a brand new RPG project with platforms still to be determined. The developer has recently seen a massive sales success in the new Ni No Kuni MMO for iOS and Android in Japan. Previous titles that the company has developed include the Professor Layton series and Yo-Kai Watch.

  • A completely new project for Level-5, which has produced Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, Yo-Kai Watch, etc
  • Looking for staff to shape new challenges together
  • Would you like to make a game that excites the world together?

They are looking for talented individuals with the following experience:

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4 thoughts on “Level-5 is now recruiting for brand-new RPG project”

      1. They could have done that before but didn’t, instead they chose to abandon the west entirely.
        The funny thing about Level 5 is they chose to abandon the west before releasing Yo-kai Watch 4 in the west, which was one of the my top sought after release before being canceled.
        Whoever is making descisions over at L5 need to be fired because Yo-kai Watch 4 could have been their most successful game in the west.

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