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New Ni No Kuni MMORPG for mobile makes $100 million in 11 days, faster than Pokemon GO

The new Ni No Kuni mobile game Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds  from Level-5 and NetMarble has reached $100 million dollars revenue in just eleven days on iOS and Android. The beautiful MMORPG seems to be off to a fantastic start, even though it is only available in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has topped Pokemon GO stats as it reached the $100 million mark in just 11 days. Pokemon GO took 12 days to reach the milestone and it was available worldwide. Level-5 has said that a worldwide release for the smartphone game is planned for the first half of 2022. 


8 thoughts on “New Ni No Kuni MMORPG for mobile makes $100 million in 11 days, faster than Pokemon GO”

    1. Yes this is terrible. Not because Pokemon Go is now 2nd place, but because it means the game is preditory and exploiting people’s compulsive behaviour.

  1. Maybe this will cause Gamefreak to step up their game, most of their latest titles are all the same. This just makes their latest Pokemon titles rather lame.

  2. I already know why I’m gonna stop buying pokemon games on day one and wait for leaks. It’s because I chose a version with more exclusives I like and then later DLC came out by surprise and it has a character I hate. I had no warning the other version would have a better DLC character. I won’t fall for this trick again. Ever since sun and moon, both versions have at least one human character I hate.

    1. Not buying a game because you dislike one single character is one of the dumbest reasons to not buy a game. I despise Tingle but I got Hyrule Warriors on Switch anyway.

  3. @Infinite Ridley

    I boycotted Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Bravely Second due to the censorship. The censorship is worse than big the cat on team sonic racing and Avery on isle of armor.

  4. Avery sucks on pokemon shield

    DistantKingdom, please make a pokemon shield mod that removes Hop, Allister and Avery from the game. They are my least favorite characters. Their annoying personalities can only be tolerated if they are female.

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