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Oreo x Pokemon collaboration starts in September

American cookie brand Oreo has teased fans that they will be participating in a special collaboration with The Pokemon Company in September. It’s not clear what the collaboration will be, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out. Perhaps we will see special Pokemon themed Oreo biscuits, who knows?! Whatever transpires, we will be sure to let you know.

9 thoughts on “Oreo x Pokemon collaboration starts in September”

  1. Remember when you just went to the supermarket and you found a can of pokemon soup? Nobody needed to make a huge stink about it or call it a “collaboration”, it was justt a timed marketing campaign, exactly like this is.

  2. Calling it RIGHT NOW.

    New Food class of Pokémon.

    First starter, Oreospak: the Oreo Pokémon. Milk Dip attack and Cream Splash are it’s starter moves! WATCH OUT ITS DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS!!!

    let’s go, it’s not far from the realm of possibility at this point.

  3. I liked getting Charmander figures as a pop tarts prize but I will never eat an Oreo shaped like Avery, Allister or Hop.

  4. Will the kid that keeps bringing up their constant hate for Avery or how much they want to marry/sleep with one of the female characters just migrate to the hub already? I can guarantee you’ll find something for your love/hate boner. lol

    1. @Infinite Ridley

      I want to see Isle of armor rival Avery die in a well made video or image. I want him to die like a character from south park, Conker’s bad fur day, Happy tree friends, Yandere simulator, GTA, Mortal Kombat or Celebrity Deathmatch. I don’t want fictional pokemon rival Avery to be revived unless he is to be killed over and over again. I look around for such content but I won’t find it on the Hub.

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