Grant Kirkhope apologises for the Donkey Kong 64 rap while celebrating the 40th anniversary

Renowned video game music composer, Grant Kirkhope, who has scored the soundtracks for GoldenEye 007 and Viva Pinata, and more recently the upcoming Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, amongst others has recently apologised to all the Donkey Kong fans out there for the legendary but cringey DK Rap in Donkey Kong 64 for the classic Nintendo 64 platform. Mr. Kirkhope also said on Twitter that he wishes the great ape a happy 40th birthday and that he is honoured to have played a part in the franchises history when he working at Rare.



    1. DK 64 isn’t really part of the country series and David Wise was the composer for the three OG country games and the two new ones but Grant did DK 64.

      1. Yeah, the article says “Renowned video game music composer, Grant Kirkhope, who has scored the soundtracks for the Donkey Kong Country series …” and I was just trying to correct that.

  1. The pokemon shield isle of armor director needs to apologize for giving us stupid Avery instead of cute and beautiful Klara. I brought shield in 2019 not knowing there would be dlc. I’ll wait 5 months before I purchase brilliant diamond or shinning pearl. Raging Golden Eagle even warned me about censorship patches. I’m glad I avoided spending money on street fighter 5.

  2. But… But why though? People love the DK Rap. Sure it’s cheesy as hell but that’s why it’s so likeable.

    I mean, it’s better than the one they did for Yooka-Laylee.

  3. Had me worried he was apologizing for some asinine reason but I see it was meant as more of a joke than a legitimate apology. Least that’s what I’m getting from this, anyway.

  4. Happy Birthday my favorite ape, I cant believe 40 years ago, Mario dodging them barrels like a great escape. And back then that plumber had no Cape. These games were fun never faked. Hurry up Klungo it’s DK’s Birthday I have the ice cream bring the cake!!!

  5. What the heck is so “cringey” about the DK Rap song? It was great. And that original version is way better than the faster, altered version heard in Super Smash Bos. games.

    After all of these years, I still keep wondering why they never brought back Chunky and Lanky (Tiny too). Unless they did and I just don’t remember.

    1. I think Tiny might have been in the rocket barrel racing game but she now looked like an older teen.

    2. They brought her back for Diddy Kong Racing DS, along with Dixie Kong to replace Banjo and Conker (since they were owned by Microsoft at that time), but for some reason they accelerated her age.

      Which is very strange, because I’m sure Tiny was supposed to be younger than Dixie, yet they kept Dixie the same.

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