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It seems Sonic Colors Ultimate will run at 30fps on the Nintendo Switch as opposed to 60fps

sonic colors ultimate

Nintendo has recently uploaded a trailer for SEGA’s upcoming enhanced Wii port of Sonic Colors and it seems as though the Nintendo Switch version of the game will run at 30fps. Trailers for the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Sonic Colors Ultimate state in the very same video that they will be running at 60fps, whereas that information is notably absent in the Switch trailer. This has understandably led fans to believe that the Switch version will end up running at 30fps. Still, Sonic Colors Ultimate does look like a worthwhile purchase if you’re a fan of the spiky blue hedgehog and the reasonable retail price tag should certainly sway some to part with their cash.

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19 thoughts on “It seems Sonic Colors Ultimate will run at 30fps on the Nintendo Switch as opposed to 60fps”

  1. This is still better than Sonic Mania. I’ll never forgive that bastard Omochao for replacing cream the rabbit on Team sonic racing.

        1. Aside from people who play games on the go, people who already have a large Switch library, people who use an Xbox as their higher end home console, people who aren’t dedicated Nintendo fans, people who don’t care about graphics or framerate, kids who aren’t allowed to have other systems, and people boycotting Sony?

          No one. Absolutely no one.

    1. Like literally any console, it depends of course. The NES could run Super Mario Bros. at 60fps. The Wii could run Super Mario Galaxy at 60fps, but it ain’t running Odyssey at 60fps, whereas the Switch obviously can. It would be very easy to build a game that a PS5 couldn’t run at 30fps if that was your goal.

  2. Will it still run okay? It IS a fast paced game. Usually I don’t ask if 30 is bad bc it is for most games I play

  3. Explain to me why the Switch version has this arbitrary handicap. If Shin’en- an indie dev- can make FAST RMX run at 60FPS with its blistering speeds, why can’t SEGA get a Sonic game which can move at similar speeds run the same?

    1. Porque solo lo de Nintendo saben como funciona su consola, ya que es complicada en cuanto a programación

    1. No it didn’t. The stage select screen was at 60fps, the actual stage gameplay was 30fps.
      It kind of sucked, because of the inconsistency.

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