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EDGE review scores: Monster Hunter Stories 2 awarded 6 /10, Mario Golf: Super Rush, 4/10

The latest edition of stringent magazine EDGE has arrived on subscribers doorsteps and this month’s edition contains three big reviews which are Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, Scarlet Nexus and Mario Golf: Super Rush. The magazine’s reviewers have taken no prisoners this month giving the latest Mario Golf game on the Nintendo Switch a poor 4/10 and Capcom’s timed-Switch exclusive, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, a 6/10. Here’s all the reviews from Issue 311:

  • Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin: 6/10
  • Mario Golf: Super Rush: 4/10
  • Edge of Eternity: 5/10
  • Griftlands: 8/10
  • Scarlet Nexus: 7/10
  • Backbone: 7/10
  • Umarangi Generation: 7/10
  • Minute of Islands: 6/10
  • Strangeland: 6/10
  • Ynglet: 8/10


18 thoughts on “EDGE review scores: Monster Hunter Stories 2 awarded 6 /10, Mario Golf: Super Rush, 4/10”

  1. Ouch, wt kind of games do edge reviewers like, some of my favorite games are always rated low so I don’t pay much attention to their reviews anymore.

    They try and be edgey with their scores apparently.

  2. The EDGE magazine is what science calls a parasitic error. The game is bad or mediocre at best, but it’s not THAT bad.

  3. EDGE is run by Weebs. Golf is golf. It’s not the game is a 4/10. The author just doesn’t like golf. Not only that , how do you categorically list and compare a golf game to a game where you catch monsters and your best friends a cat lol ya know? Just makes that 4/10 look worse. The guy just doesn’t like golf and people pay him for his opinion.

      1. Wasn’t Edge that crappy magazine Gamestop when they talked you into buying a membership and gave you a 6 month subscription as a signing bonus?

          1. If that wasn’t Edge then I guess I’ve never heard of them outside of articles like this. Seems pretty irrelevant.

            I mean, to be fair they would still seem irrelevant even if they were that magazine I’m remembering.

              1. Probably moreso from the extra clicks generated from the comments section. I mean… Did Edge publish the review scores of other magazines or websites? Probably not.

                But it’s ok. I’m always happy to take an opportunity to point out how useless most game reviews are. The original commenter had a good point. Very likely the reviewer was NOT a golf fan and, more than likely, a Mario or Nintendo fan. Maybe not even that. Plus they allot very little time to play these games they review because… Why wouldn’t they? The bare minimum works for them and most people just scroll down a written review to see the numerical score and bullet points.

                There’s not even many universal “game” terms to convey specific parts and actions of a game. Reviewers describe with their feelings, frustrations, and very broad terms like “souls-like”. Not to mention they are not reviewing the games from the perspective of a customer and don’t have factor in the financial budget of playing games, only the time budget. Even then they often don’t finish the games they review so they can’t give an accurate time budget.

                And they never, ever give good marks to something they did not like due to personal tastes. How is that helpful?

                Nah, game reviews have little value. 95% are there to just go through the motions and slap a number on them.

                1. CFG – I’ll just explain this again to you seeing as it clearly isn’t sinking in. Edge – is not an aggregator, so no, they wouldn’t publish reviews from others. Just to repeat, it is a gaming publication that has actually been going for nearly 28 years. They simply wouldn’t take the stance of a petulant child of ” I dont like golf”

              2. It’s sickr though and he tends to post alot of filler Nintendo news, where as the actual my Nintendo dude post actually important news stuff, it just depends though.

    1. I bet he’s talking about yokai watch lol that’s so dumb, that’s like comparing a fps shooting game to a life sim game, but yeah I wouldn’t look too deep into edge their reviews have always been dumb down, and I don’t know anyone who thinks their legit site to get good advice

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