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Nintendo on Switch OLED: “The configuration and functionality is the same as that of the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch system”

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Video gaming site GameSpot has heard back from Nintendo regarding whether the Joy-Cons for the upcoming Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) are built and constructed any differently than the current Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch system and the Switch Lite. Nintendo of America told the website that the “configuration and functionality” is exactly the same as the current Joy-Cons so there’s no difference in how they are built or manufactured. Those of you who have experienced the frustrating Joy-Con drift in the past may well find that they have the same issues occur with the newer Nintendo Switch (OLED model). Only time will tell. The new and improved Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) launches worldwide on 8th October.

“The Joy-Con controller configuration and functionality did not change with Nintendo Switch system (OLED model),” the Nintendo representative said. “The configuration and functionality is the same as that of the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch system.”



15 thoughts on “Nintendo on Switch OLED: “The configuration and functionality is the same as that of the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch system””

  1. See that everyone, I told you the drift is going to continue with the new Switch model. I told you so. There is no escaping it anytime soon. We know this is going to happen on the new model.

    1. There is nothing in this quote that gives any indication as to whether these joy con will have the same issue or not, so actually we do not know that it is going to happen. The quote really says nothing that you couldn’t already tell just from looking at them so is quite useless really

        1. What do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about? It is quite clear. The only thing that you can have any opinion on is the quote from Nintendo, not any of the other text in this article which is an interpretation of the quote, and within their quote the only thing they have said is that the configuration (how it’s set up) and functionality (what it does) is the same, which is clear since they have not said the controllers do anything new. No one will know whether anything has changed within these joy con until they have one in their hands and can open it up to see. Until then you’re just guessing.

    2. Show me statistical evidence that there is still a joy-con drift with the new Switch model and Switch Lite. If you can’t show me that THEN SHUT UP!

      1. There’s no reason to suspect otherwise, they are the same exact joycons as before, nor would it be ok to restrict fixes to sold together new joycons, but they’ve repeatedly stated nothings changed, you’re in denial man, and the one making a claim that needs to be proved.

  2. It does not say in their quote that there is no difference in the way they are built or manufactured, that is an inference. All they have said is that they do nothing different to the current joy cons. They are not going to acknowledge joy-con drift therefore anyone expecting to hear them say they have fixed it or that they are built differently is going to be disappointed. But I would be shocked if they have not found a solution to the drift and implemented that within these controllers.

    1. I would argue that the quote stating “configuration and functionality” means that they are built and created in exactly the same way that they were before. Unless the spokesperson said said that they have slightly configured, tweaked or remodelled aspects of the analogue stick I would take it that they are exactly the same build as the current version, which is the same version that we have had since launch.

      1. You can argue it but it’s poor journalism to state something that is your interpretation of what has been said rather than the actuality of it. If you had framed it as “this could suggest” (that they are exactly the same) then that would be fine but I take issue with misrepresenting factual statements especially in this kind of arena where people often jump to conclusions and accept whatever they read.

    2. Its pretty dam obvious – they are EXACTLY the same.
      Nintendo were no doubt asked about this and this is their response. They are more than aware drift is a real problem.

      1. Yeah, although a different company, I remember when Microsoft brought out different controllers through the Xbox 360 and Xbox One generations.The marketing team would clearly state that the company had made slight revisions to aspects of the controller such as the grip, analogue stick, buttons etc. Nintendo has basically said in this quote published today that they are exactly the same Joy-Cons we’ve seen since the system launched back in 2017. Only time will tell on this one to be honest.

    1. It’s probably still most likely the same lol after all they had so much time with the switch lite and other new switch model to make non drifting joycons, And they still didn’t, plus nintendo barely even acknowledges that joycons drift is their fault.

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