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Cruis’n Blast is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on September 14th

You may recall that, back in June, Nintendo had announced in their E3 2021 Direct that Cruis’n Blast would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game had originally released for arcades in 2017. At the time, however, they had only confirmed that the third-party title would be releasing “this autumn”.

Well, that has now changed. Publisher GameMill Entertainment and developer Raw Thrills have announced that the game is going to be launching physically and digitally on Nintendo’s console on September 14th. The game contains “nearly 30 over-the-top tracks” and “23 custom rides” that range “from licensed super-cars to monster trucks and unicorns”.


3 thoughts on “Cruis’n Blast is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on September 14th”

  1. For whatever reason, the Cruis ‘n series is the only racing games (aside from Mario Kart) that interests and excites me. There’s a lot of nostalgia involved. I still remember playing Cruis ‘n USA and Cruis ‘n World in the arcades (I never saw the arcade of Cruis ‘n Exotica). Speaking of those original three games, I’d sure love to see those ones remastered on a physical cartridge for the Switch (no codes in box). But I know I’m just dreaming. I didn’t even know that companies still made actual arcades anymore. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been inside any arcade rooms.

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