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Persona 25th anniversary website has been launched and a possible seven new projects teased

The acclaimed Persona series will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in September and as such Atlus has big plans for the franchise including merchandise, collaborations and of course, games. The 25th anniversary website has gone live and it seems that the team at Atlus are preparing seven projects for the beloved Japanese series and both Atlus Japan and Atlus West say to please look forward to it. Persona Team producer and director Kazuhisa Wada had previous teased that they were gearing up for some big events and reveals for 2021 and the plans have been teased for a couple of years now. The first reveal will be in September when it’s likely we may hear about the next big mainline game in the Persona franchise which would be the long-awaited Persona 6. For now, Japanese fans can get their hands on new merchandise for the acclaimed series.



  1. Can we PLEASE just get P3 on Steam? It’s already been over a year since P4 Golden shadow-dropped and it proved to sell very well.

    And if they’re doing another P5 entry, I need Pancake Boi to appear in it.

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