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The Pokemon Unite devs are asking for feedback on the game via a survey

Pokemon Unite, a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena game, released on the Nintendo Switch a few days ago. With fans being able to play the game, and especially with the game being so different from the typical Pokemon title, the devs are very curious on what people think of the game.

So, the devs have asked fans to “let us know your thoughts and feedback by filling out this survey, and help us make continued improvements to Pokemon Unite”. They tweeted about the survey, including a link to the survey itself, on the official Pokemon Unite Twitter account. You can see the tweet down below.

9 thoughts on “The Pokemon Unite devs are asking for feedback on the game via a survey”

  1. I got feedback for them. Stop giving us horrible characters like Avery, Hop and Allister. Those bottom tier characters are not waifus. I want characters like Shauna, Acerola and Olympia.

    1. For goodness sakes man are you a troll, shut up nobody cares, pokemon is aimed at children and the goal is not to provide waifus. Can the moderators please ban this clown.

      1. And two of those characters are kids that he claims to be waifu, My Nintendo news really needs to ban this pedo please don’t give this derange weirdo a platform

  2. If they’re doing survey’s that must mean they are following Genshin Impact. They also do monthly surveys asking how players are liking the game , gameplay and characters .

  3. I hate how in the game when you reach veteran status, they make it nearly impossible to level up. You can be a really good player, but if they give you trash players, then it doesn’t matter, and you won’t level up. They should change the system to where leveling up depends on how good u r as a player, without other bad players preventing you from leveling up

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