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Reggie Fils-Aime discusses his last day at Nintendo of America

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has discussed his final day at Nintendo during the Talking Games with Reggie & Harold podcast. He said that the day was highly emotional as he had been with the company since December 2003. He entered Nintendo of America as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and then became Nintendo of America President in 2006 and decided to retire in 2019. Reggie called it a “fun, uplifting ending.” Here’s what was said:

“The day itself, we had an event with all of the employees for all of the Washington state-based employees, and we had a presentation, a series of comments, some gifts that were presented to me, and we also had video from employees in some of our remote locations that couldn’t be with us that day. It was highly emotional. At the end, I was able to make some concluding comments.

At the end of the formal presentation – the formal remarks – as I came off stage, a number of employees came up to me, wanting to spend some time. And then I looked up, and there proceeded to be a line of probably what was a few hundred employees, and I went through that line person by person. My wife Stacey says that it took about 90 minutes, almost two hours to go through that line. Just spending a few minutes with employees, many that I knew, some who had just joined the company, and were expressing their passion for the company, their disappointment that they would go on with their career at Nintendo as I was ending mine.”


4 thoughts on “Reggie Fils-Aime discusses his last day at Nintendo of America”

  1. Yeah, it will be sad to see Miyamoto go. I just hope the games will be just as good after they lose his direction. To be fair, I heard that they developed both Breath of The Wild and Odyssey without him involved, and look how those turned out.

    1. He was involved in botw. As I recall he had fun climbing up all the trees in an early concept demo presented to him. His philosophy on game making rings true in botw.

  2. I’m more afraid of Martinet’s departure.

    Will Mario ever have a chance at full dialog (plot-wise), like Mickey Mouse before him and Sonic after him.

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