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The next stop in Mario Kart Tour is the Frost Tour featuring RMX Vanilla Lake 1

Nintendo is in the process of wrapping up the fun Mario Vs Peach Tour in Mario Kart Tour and they have announced the next stop of the grand tour, which will be the Frost Tour. Those who participate in the Frost Tour will be able to check out the RMX Vanilla Lake 1 once the event commences. We don’t have a start date just yet, but as soon as it is announced we shall be sure to inform you all. Mario Kart Tour is free to play on both iOS and Android and it looks as though the Frost Tour will introduce Penguin Mario.


  1. If onlyu nintendo released some of these stuff as mario kart 8 dlc… i mean, its their #1 best-selling game and got no dlcs so far on the switch.

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