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Pokemon Masters EX adds the ability for Pokemon to Dynamax

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX for iOS and Android, The Pokemon Company have announced that players today will be able to experience Dynamaxing which is a feature brought forth by Pokemon Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch system. Dynamaxing sees a Pokemon’s size change and it also changes the moves of Pokemon while increasing their HP. The Pokemon Company also says that Hop & Zamazenta and Sygna Suit Leon & Eternatus will be making their debut today.

14 thoughts on “Pokemon Masters EX adds the ability for Pokemon to Dynamax”

  1. To the person who always talks about disliking Hop, Avery and Hau, please shut the frick up about them, we get it, you hate them, no need to be a broken record.

  2. Hop is kind of annoying but I’m not the guy/girl who spams his/her hate for him on every pokemon article. I like how Leon has Eternatus. Maybe Peony should have Calyrex.

  3. My wife divorced me so I became a liberty city protagonist. Chris Hackney is worst actor ever.

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