The official Kirby site is now displaying placeholder text suggesting a new entry could be near

The official website for Nintendo’s all-star character Kirby has recently had a revamp and is now displaying standard placeholder text for each section, which suggests that a new entry in the long running series could possibly be revealed soon. The last Kirby game we received on the Nintendo Switch was Kirby Fighters 2 which was released last year, so it is about time to see what the team have come up with regarding either a new mainline Kirby entry or another Kirby spin-off.



  1. How can you guys report on this and not mention the part where half the placeholder text was an exerpt from Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”? That was literally the best part, lol.

    1. THANK YOU! The fact that it’s a link between Kafka and Kirby is downright hysterical.

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