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Rumor: 2K Sports and the WWE’s relationship has become “seriously strained”

WWE 2K Battlegrounds released on the Nintendo Switch in 2020, so it is no surprise that the upcoming release of WWE 2K22 could also come to Nintendo’s console. But, unfortunately, WWE 2K22 has been delayed to March of 2022. And, thanks to sources that spoke to Sports Gamers Online, we may now know why.

According to their sources, “2K Sports and WWE have been going back and forth on pushing back WWE 2K22 since almost immediately after the game was announced. Most of those within WWE wanted the game to release in it’s normal Survivor Series window. Those from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts, on the other hand, pushed hard for a delay of the launch”.

2K Sports and the WWE have been in constant disagreement about various parts of the game. There’s a problem with the roster being outdated due to 2K “working on scanning wrestlers and building new character models pretty much from the ground up” for wrestlers that were going, or have since been, released from the WWE. The poor performance of WWE 2K20 has also resulted in 2K Sports having a harder time working with the WWE. Although the latter saw a profit, they also saw losses due to the game’s poor launch and reception.

Although 2K Sports publishes WWE 2K games, Visual Concepts are the developer team that makes them now, ever since THQ closed down. Sadly, they have become pinched, underfunded and understaffed. The added pressure of working on this game hasn’t helped at all. And according to Sports Gamers Online’s sources, working there “just hasn’t been a fun place to be. Second guessing happens constantly because of a desperation to get things right”.

So, is there any hope for the “seriously strained” relationship between the two parties to improve in the near future? Sports Gamers Online’s sources said that “it wouldn’t take as much as people would assume. That’s how bad it’s been. But one great game and fan response could turn things right around”.


6 thoughts on “Rumor: 2K Sports and the WWE’s relationship has become “seriously strained””

  1. I haven’t cared for any WWE game since WWE 2K14 (the “30 Years of Wrestlemania” mode in that game, plus the custom sountracks in the PS3 version was SO cool). I wish that a different company would pick up the WWE license and start making the games instead. Heck, give it back to THQ (THQ Nordic). Even if they’re not the same THQ anymore.

  2. Just leave the 2K games for what they are and buy the upcoming AEW game. In true light of no mercy chance is high that you can create any WWE wrestler anyway from the CAW mode.

  3. I just wish WWE games was like the PS3 era, The Smackdown vs RAW games was some of the most memorable experiences. Would give anything to have WWE games like they was, 2k just removes features. Just hoping 2k22 isn’t complete trash. Haven’t played a WWE since 2k15, hopefully 2k22 can renew my faith in WWE games.

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