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Zippo says more Rare games coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Prominent leaker Zippo, who correctly predicted some of the games shown off during the Nintendo Direct presentation last week, says that more Rare games will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online service. He states that along with Banjo-Kazooie we will get also get Diddy Kong Racing, Killer instinct Gold and more. Nintendo has already announced that Banjo-Kazooie will be one of the Nintendo 64 games which will be included in the higher tier for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

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18 thoughts on “Zippo says more Rare games coming to Nintendo Switch Online”

    1. Although it is technically possible, the issues of copyright holders, character models made to look like real actors and other issues makes such a possibility unlikely. I doubt that Nintendo, Microsoft or Rare are interested in pursuing such an expensive venture. Plus, there is Perfect Dark, a game that is free of copyrighted material.

  1. I’d love to play Diddy Kong Racing on the switch. It seems Banjo is no longer an issue. I just wonder if Conker is also no longer an issue because, if it isn’t, then I definitely see DKR as a possibility.

  2. If we’re getting Banjo-Kazooie, we HAVE to get Tooie as well. And Diddy Kong Racing is a MUST. I’m already going to get the N64 tier for Banjo, but even if we weren’t I’d get it for DKR alone.

  3. Here’s hoping for as many Rare titles as possible. Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Banjo Tooie, Blast Corps, Diddy Kong Racing, Killer Instinct Gold, even Donkey Kong 64. Luckily, Diddy Kong Racing is partially a Nintendo owned game and Donkey Kong 64 wholly owned by the big N.

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