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Nintendo has released high-resolution box-art of various N64 games

Mario Kart 64 box-art

With Nintendo 64 games joining the line-up for the Nintendo Switch Online service, albeit at a slightly higher cost for subscribers, Nintendo has released high resolution images of various Nintendo 64 games box-arts. This is the first time we’ve received official high resolution images of the games box-arts and they include such beloved titles such as Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Nintendo will announce pricing for the new service sometime this month. For now enjoy staring at the lovely box-art!


11 thoughts on “Nintendo has released high-resolution box-art of various N64 games”

  1. I’m honestly looking forward to playing most of these n64 games as I never grew up playing these, I was only able to emulate and play super Mario 64, smash and Mario kart 64.

  2. Glad people get to play these all for first time. Getting to replay these all on the switch is nice, depending on price. I’d pay an extra $5 per per year for 64 games. I’d pay a lil more if there’s online play and/or GBA games. I think GB/GBC should go on cheaper subscription, GBA sure put on expensive one with 64. What yearly price makes sense to you all for the 64 tier?

  3. Just saw the Ocarina’s Cover and felt the excitement from when i was 8 years old. It was one of the most important moments (at least in terms of being a Gamer) of my life, that game showed me that it was possible to get into a another world and discover things.

    Anyway, good times, to anyone that haven’t played the game, hope that you can see beyond the graphics (of course they are outdated) and enjoy one of the best games in history.

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