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Sora was the actual winner of 2015’s Smash Fighter Ballot

You obviously know by now, but the last playable DLC character for Smash Ultimate is none other than Sora from Kingdom Hearts. He was a highly requested character to join the game’s roster for many years, but Sakura explained in today’s Smash presentation just how much fans wanted him to be in the game.

Sakurai explained on the Smash presentation that “six years ago, there was a poll called the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. The top choice for the most requested new fighter was Sora. While this ballot was happening, we spoke with Mr. Iwata, who was still with us then, and we decided not to reveal the results”.

Not only that, but it was discovered that, when Bayonetta was announced for Smash on Wii U and 3DS in 2015, she was revealed as “the winner”. However, they noted that she placed 1st in Europe, Top 5 in America, and she was the 1st worldwide on the ballot “among the negotiable and realizable characters”. With today’s character reveal, we know now why they said that.


15 thoughts on “Sora was the actual winner of 2015’s Smash Fighter Ballot”

    1. Simple, her game was both the only major 3rd larty exlsuive on WiiU and the only major M rated exclusive for Nintendo at the time.

  1. According to Sakurai, Satoru Iwata chose to not reveal the official results of the Smash 4 DLC ballot to prevent fans from harassing the companies who owned winning characters that were not added. While that part may be true, it was more likely because Disney refused to let Sora in at the time. This is why Nintendo had to move on to Bayonetta, the ‘winner’ among the “realizable and negotiable” characters. But now we finally got the real winner of the ballot.

    1. I can see where your coming from. People are quite curious to see who will get in the crossover or in the next game whatsoever. Yeah I agree with Iwata. Its a good thing they didn’t revealed it so no harassments towards companies will occurred. Also, last year, people have been harassing Sakurai on Twitter and begging him for adding random characters in the series by sending him private Twitter messages witch cost him to disable his private message on Twitter from random people or gamers out there and He been trying to prevent from being harass by small to big gamers or fans out there.

      1. I mean that makes alot of sense people were already threatening to kill him around ultimate first presentation, because no waluigi (coming from someone that actually likes waluigi, those guys are fake and probably want him in for meme purposes)

  2. Could I have some sources to back up your claims? I keep seeing this everywhere and until i get some official proof, this is all just rumors.

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