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Corpse Party (2021) is coming to multiple platforms, including the Switch, on October 20th

To say that the Nintendo Switch has been receiving plenty of games featuring anime would be an understatement. Nevertheless, that vast library of content is about to get even larger with the confirmation that another anime game is going to be releasing on the Nintendo Switch in just a couple of weeks.

XSEED has announced a new 2021 version of the horror game Corpse Party. In fact, it is the worldwide release of Corpse Party Blood Covered: Repeated Fear, which released on the PlayStation 4 and Switch in Japan earlier this year. It is releasing on October 20th on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. A launch date announcement trailer was released, so we’ve included it for you down below.

5 thoughts on “Corpse Party (2021) is coming to multiple platforms, including the Switch, on October 20th”

  1. The lengthen version of the lengthen version of the expanded remake of the remake of a 90’s game that people didn’t know about until the PSP version in 2010.

  2. The anime characters turn me off big time (since I really hate anime), but the nice graphics and spooky atmosphere and such makes me wonder if I shouldn’t give this a try.

    1. Corpse Party (at least the original game not the sequels) is one of those games where it’s allure is cute characters going through horrific stuff. Honestly it’s one of the best in the genre imo, and I’d definitely recommend picking it up. Just uh, fair warning it does one of those disgusting anime tropes with pee at one point (I suppose it fits for the horror setting, but it’s still absolutely gross)

  3. Wonder if they managed to fix that awful beeping noise that plagued the Japanese release of this version of CP

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