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Rumour: Zippo claims Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been in development for over 5 years

Prominent leaker Zippo has taken to his blog to talk about the games which recently made their debut in the Nintendo Direct, which took place at the end of September. He has commented on several games including Nintendo’s promising Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Platinum Games, Bayonetta 3. Zippo claims that Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been in development at Nintendo for five and a half years, which is fairly long time, though it is due for release in the spring of next year. The other title which Zippo has commented on is Bayontta 3, which he says has been through development hell, but he’s excited by what was showcased during the Nintendo Direct presentation. Zippo concluded by saying he promises he will be back with more leaks soon.


20 thoughts on “Rumour: Zippo claims Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been in development for over 5 years”

  1. I feel like everyone obviously knew that with bay, but I’m a sorta surpised with kirby I mean it is his first 3d title so it does make since that they been working on it for that long, robobot came out in 2016 and had a small 3d kirby game, and the year after that it got full spinoff so that was probably them testing the waters and hinting the forgotten land.

  2. I’m going to remain anonymous here, but I’ve been working on this game with Nintendo and it has actually been in development for about 16 years now. This was what one of the old 3D Kirby screenshots came from when it was in its early stages of development. We came to the conclusion that Kirby want ready to go fully 3D just yet but we continued working on it since then. It was originally planned for GameCube, then Wii, 3DS, Wii U, and then, finally, Star Allies released and development continued on. Fighters 2 and Super Clash were made in between development and now the game is almost done.

    1. Not to be rude or anything, but do you have any actual evidence that you’ve been working on this game for the past 16 years?
      Because otherwise there’s not really much reason to believe you. You could just be some random guy trying to get his 5 minutes of internet fame.

      1. Not saying the anon is telling the truth but he/she could be. It’s actually rather clever to leak info for a game you’re working on on some random site where you could easily be called a liar.

        1. He or she might be telling the truth, but they still have to provide proof if they work on this new game. This person needs to show proof by showing there business license or the company ID if they work at the company.

          1. If they are telling the truth, they can’t show proof of who they are or else they will get fired since they shouldn’t be talking about what they’re doing. There’s a reason journalists keep their sources anonymous in regards to leaks. It’s also why rumors & leaks can’t be truly proven til an official statement from the company comes out. shrug It’s whatever, though.

        2. Yeah, but you could literally say that about any wacko on the internet who claims stuff like this.
          As far as I’m concerned there needs to be some actual, concrete evidence first before I go believing anyone on the internet.

          1. Yeah, I really don’t believe this person works for a decent company like this and saying that he or she work at this game for a while during the release of Kirby Planet Robobot. Like I said before, This person needs to show proof by showing there business license or the company ID first. Evidence comes first.

            1. Sergio Abraham Perez Cervantes

              Lol you also want the floor he works at, the department he works at, his social security number… Be real dude if you don’t want to believe him that’s ok but you can’t ask an Anonymous employee their credentials, as explained before they sign NDAs which means if Nintendo knows they’re speaking they get fired or blacklisted.
              So think what you want on the guy but don’t ask for “IDs”

  3. Bayonetta 3 does feels like development hell and people has been really hungry for announcements for the game for so long now. As for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Yeah they really have done some testing for environment and kelp the game a secret for a long while now during the late 3DS era. It will be the very first open world 3D Kirby in the series. Robobot has a small 3D kirby title so this new title will take the cake for this one.

  4. That’s believable that’s why I always tell Nintendo to makes games immediately after they got done completing a game to close the gap up in years rather than waiting decades because they want to take a 8 year break.
    Had they worked on Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 and Pikmin 4 immediately we would had been at least 3 sequels from what we waiting own now. For whatever dumb reason these developers dont work after they complete a game and I wish I knew why. I hope they working on a sequel to Metroid Dread now. If they work on it now it can be in the early release year of the next generation Nintendo CONSOLE.

    And they need to be working on a sequel to Tropical Freeze. But we know they didnt do nothing after the game released in 2014. Because if they did the Switch would had gotten the sequel.
    Bravo to Ubisoft for obviously working on Mario+Rabbids right away after the 1st game was complete. See that? The Switch has two sequels because the developers for Mario-Rabbids worked right away.

    I do have to admit Nintendo did immediately get started on Splatoon 3 and Breath of the Wild 2 immediately after their 1st games were finished.

    I hope Astral Chain 2 was being worked on immediately after the 1st game was done. I dont want to wait until 2030 to get that sequel because the developers took a 7 year break doing nothing.

  5. I hope this new Kirby game has a sequel and the developers will immediately start as soon as this one is complete.

    And Gamefreak did work on Arceus right after Sword and Shield was done. So I guess the slow developers are starting to realize that if they work on sequels right away then the game in years are closer. I hope the developers for Luigi’s Mansion is currently working on Luigi’s Mansion 4. Dark Moon and Luigi’s Mansion 3 are lengthy apart in years.

    I guess I have to wait until 2035 for Pikmin 4 because they didnt work on it immediately after Pikmin 3 was complete.

    Obviously they didnt start on Mario Kart 9 as soon as Mario Kart 8 was released either.

    1. I feel like just once I need to tell you that video games don’t quite work like that. Yeah, your sports games and Assassins Creeds may do annual releases but they are often uninspiring. You can’t just MAKE a sequel to game. You have an IDEA and then you make that. There’s not usually a lot of cut ideas just waiting to be made into a sequel (especially with DLC).

      But yeah… you can’t just pull a sequel out of thin air or even hard work. You gotta have a full-fledged idea and concept and (usually) all the good ideas are already packed into the first game.

  6. Canvas curse was a great one. Still need to play the robot one. Hopefully this one has some challenge and isn’t a cake walk. Looking forward to it.

  7. The other anonymous person is lying. I have to remain anonymous as well. But the game has actually been in development for 27 years. I can’t go into too much detail because it will give too much away. But it was on of the first 3d games ever created. We decided it wasn’t quite ready yet.

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