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Europe & Australia: Ban on Dying Light in Germany stopping Switch eShop release

A ban on Dying Light and the new Dying Light: Platinum Edition in Germany is stopping the game from being listed on the European, Australian and New Zealand Nintendo Switch eShop despite the game being out. During Light was banned in Germany in early 2015, the law has since been amended, but Dying Light was never cleared. Nintendo Europe operates in Hamberg, Germany and due to this, Dying Light: Platinum Edition can’t be listed on the Nintendo Switch eShop, meaning that Switch owners in Europe, Australia and New Zealand aren’t able to purchase the game digitally on the eShop. Thankfully the game has received a physical release, so Switch owners in Europe and Australia can purchase Dying Light: Platinum Edition this way. Techland has confirmed the ban is still in effect and they are working with authorities to clear the game for release.



  1. A few errors in the post :
    – Dying Light and not during light was banned in 2015.
    – Nintendo Europe operates in Hamburg and not Hamberg.

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