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Pachter predicts Nintendo’s next Switch system won’t release until 2024

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Famed video game analyst Michael Pachter is at it again and this time he has taken to his Pachter Factor Q&A on YouTube and has predicted when he believes Nintendo will release its Switch successor. Pachter is of the firm opinion that Nintendo won’t release a follow up to the popular Switch system until 2024 at the earliest. He says that he puts this prediction down to the fact that the system is still selling very well along with the software saying, “Their games are killing it. They’re just selling so many units of everything and it’s because their games are really, really good.” As always we shall have to wait and see whether he is correct in his prediction.

“I think that probably the earliest you’re going to see a new console is [2024] and more likely [2025],” said Pachter. “So again, not because they can’t, they can, it’s because they’re making so money making Switches.”

“If the Switch is still $300 it will drop to $250 likely after Christmas and once supply and demand get in balance again. The OLED will become the de facto model of $300. But they’re minting money at $300. 

“That thing costs them less than $150 to make. Probably less than $100. So they’re able to make a ton of money as long. As long as they are what’s the rush [to] bring out a new console.”

“If they believe the competition was Microsoft and Sony they would [release a more powerful console],” said Pachter. “This [goes] is back to Mr. Iwata and his blue ocean strategy. That’s the mantra of the company.

‘[Nintendo is] absolutely convinced that they’re playing on a different playground than everybody else and they don’t care how many Xboxes or PlayStations are sold. And in fairness to them if you want to play Nintendo games you’re buying a Nintendo console.

“As long as they have good content and a lot of it they’re going to keep selling Switches. And one thing they’ve got is good content and a lot of it. If you start to see a decline in sales of software you could worry, but you’re not. Their games are killing it. They’re just selling so many units of everything and it’s because their games are really, really good.”


22 thoughts on “Pachter predicts Nintendo’s next Switch system won’t release until 2024”

  1. Never thought I’d ever say this, but I agree with Pachter on this one. Seriously, this guy has one unpopular opinion after the next. But there are a lot of people saying that the successor to the Switch will be coming out in a year or two. I say 2025 is the most likely, but 2024 is the absolute earliest I can see it happen. Like Pachter says, its selling too many copies because it has a ton of killer games this generation and it would be foolish to ruin a good success by bringing out its replacement too early.

  2. Ah yes, the same guy who believes Iwata is not so great from that day and it cost a huge uproar from the gaming community. Yeah, I still disagree with this guy. If he thinks the next system will be release in 2024, then maybe Nintendo will not be making a good effort from Nintendo fans that want something that needs to comeback or make a new installment in the series like Donkey Kong. I’m still counting on a 2023 spring release.

  3. Every time I think this Pachter guy finally disappeared for good, he’s back again. At least he’s not spewing bull crap and nonsense this time.

  4. I thought one of y’all said you were going to stop reporting on what Prachter says because of the complete disrespect he showed Iwata? Am I mistaken, or did something change?

  5. Don’t give this little bitch any attention. Also, don’t trust a word out of this guy’s mouth. He hates Nintendo more than the Nazis hated my grandparents when they found them hiding in the attic. All he does is bash Nintendo, their strategies, software, hardware, business practices—hell, if you got the time for the paperwork, he probably criticisizes how they take their eggs in the morning.

  6. While this is an entirely plausible situation, as I personally believe it’ll be 2024 or 2025 myself, but I just remind people that this guys analysis correct to incorrect ratio is less than literally just flipping a coin for an answer or blindly guessing.

  7. he rears his ugly head and predicts more gloom after being so wrong about Switch. i wish he would shut up about things he knows nothing about he’s a stock analyst ffs you think he ever played Super Monkey Ball or Shovel Knight?

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