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Saber Interative designer says “I don’t think the Switch needs a more powerful version” 

world war z

Saber Interactive’s Dmitry Grigorenko, who is the lead designer of the upcoming World War Z port for the Nintendo Switch, has said in a recent interview that he doesn’t believes that a more powerful Switch system is needed at present. Saber Interactive is a development studio which has produced a number of high profile Nintendo Switch ports such as Vampyr and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition. Here’s what Mr. Grigorenko thinks of Nintendo’s current platform for development and the system’s graphical prowess.

What he would like to see from an upgraded Nintendo Switch model

“The obvious answer would be overall better hardware with less build and patch size limitations, but I don’t think the Switch needs a more powerful version that badly. Saber and many other talented studios have already proven that there is no such thing as an impossible port. Nintendo consoles were never about hardware, they were always about something that boosts your gameplay experience, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

On pushing current Nintendo Switch hardware

“Each game we release on Switch pushes the hardware more than before. World War Z was a bigger challenge than our previous projects, and I am sure our next projects will also stand out, but it all depends on the game. Sometimes in the video game industry the things that look incredibly complex from an outside perspective are actually easy to implement during development. Most of the time it’s the other way around though; the simplest things can take an immense amount of time and effort to get working. At Saber, I feel we reached a great balance in all our Switch ports by delivering amazing gameplay and keeping the games looking great.”


10 thoughts on “Saber Interative designer says “I don’t think the Switch needs a more powerful version” ”

  1. I think inexperienced developers like them is why we NEED an upgraded Switch. So we don’t get games that run at 15 fps…. and if u don’t notice the difference then you either low standards or are blind.

    1. Yea we know you make money from the ports Sabre you don’t gotta give this lame excuse.

      It’s no secret most port games on switch are disgusting to look at compared to any other platforms and NOBODY would applaud that given the option lol

    2. While I do agree that I’d prefer my software at high fps, the point of the matter is that Nintendo is deliberate with not having their software chase hardware. Instead, Nintendo has created a polarity where hardware is chasing their software.

      1. The games they are optimizing come from a much more powerful console. And they make them run at a steady frame rate. They actually give porting a try unlike more other known developers. Give credit where credit is due.

        And also nintendo knows the switch and its limitations better than anyone. So they use other tricks to make the worlds more vibrant. Ex. Breath of the wild and super mario odyssey.

  2. It’s not about hardware but about boosting the gameplay experience?

    Yet the Snes wich is perhaps the most succesfull console in History , when you look at library’s (and by many considered the best console ever) and the Nes , had just a simple controller wich the current Xbox and PS controller are still based on.

    It’s not even as much about better graphics but better hardware means more and better games. Sure you can buy 2 consoles , but I don’t feel like spending 800 bucks , just so I can play 6 games. Also Breath of the Wild is a great game but it could have been even better with better hardware so why not go for this. Zelda is my lifetime nr1 franchise since I played the first part at the age of 4 , it deserves to be the best it can be. (just like other Nintendo franchises)

    The Snes and Nes Easily had 40 top tiltes and could easily make a amazing top 100 list. The same can be said for PS1-PS4. The N64 was descent because of Rare , and the Gamecube was on par with the PS2 altough less succesfull , it didn’t have titles like Final Fantasy wich was a great game on the Snes , than left to Sony because of the lack of discs on the N64.

    After that we pretty much got Mario games , Smash and Zelda , other franchises are way under uttilized. The last real big Metroid game for example was Metroid Prime 3 in 2007.

    They could easily do it aswell , I bought a PS4 Slim for 200 Euro the switch still costs 320 euro’s , also games are overpriced and never drop in price eather. I’m not intrested in the portal part at all but don’t get offered a alternetive , wich could have been a switch Pro for example that only works on TV.

    People often say that core gamers are no longer there audience because Nintendo can’t beat Sony and Microsoft anyway and Children are there target audience , but why not the best of both worlds. I would buy Nintendo exclusively if they made there new console on the same level with the new PS5 and Xbox and I would have acces to pretty much the same Library + Nintendo Games.

    For a big part of my life I have been a die hard Nintendo supporter but after the Wii they lost me cause I kept beeing dissapointed.

    Also don’t forget allot of great games from the Nintendo 90’s like Street Fighter , Mega Man , Mortal Kombat , Castlevania , Metal Gear Solid , Final Fantasy just to name a few moved on to Playstation for example and the lack of those franchises and things that came after that for example GTA just to name one are a huge let down for Nintendo.

    To finish this wall of text , I also think Nintendo made better first party titles during the Nes , Snes , N64 than they do now , altough a big part of that is also because they had Rare if you strip that away you end up with the same as these days. Still there could be way more variety with such a great library and things like Metroid , Star Fox and many more havent been used at all or used in the right way for a longggg time. Wich is probally because you can only make so many games at the same time , wich isnt my problem they make enough money , find other studio’s to do it like rare did or hire more people.

    Since the Wii I have been very negative about Nintendo but this is because I care and I want them to do better and be the best wich they havent been in a long time.

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