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Sol Cresta “Hideki Kamiya’s Very Sorry” livestream airing later today

sol cresta hideki kamiya's very sorry stream

New information on Platinum Games’ vertical shooting game Sol Cresta will be announced in a live broadcast titled “Hideki Kamiya’s Very Sorry” that’s planned to air via YouTube on 2nd November at 8pm PST / 11pm EST. Hosted by Hideki Kamiya (creative director), Takahito Washisaka (producer), and Takanori Sato (director), it is unknown if the nature of the stream will be generally positive or negative, since apparently Kamiya has something he wants to apologize for. As far as we know, Sol Cresta is still planned for release on 9th December for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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5 thoughts on “Sol Cresta “Hideki Kamiya’s Very Sorry” livestream airing later today”

  1. I hope this is a troll & Kamiya starts it with “Oh. You thought I’d apologize for being a dick to the annoying crybabies on Twitter? No. I’m sorry that we still haven’t got Bayonetta 3 out yet. Just wait a little bit longer please.” lol Or something like that.

    1. He isn’t a dick to crybabies on Twitter, he’s a dick to anyone who doesn’t speak Japanese. That’s his policy for banning people. He said he doesn’t like looking at other languages on his feed, so if you don’t have the respect to learn Japanese just to talk to him he’ll ban you.

    2. Maybe he’ll apologize for the train wreck that winderful 101 “remastered” was, it’s unbelievable how a multiplatform crashed harder than the Wii u version and no, the money they received in patreon don’t mean anything.

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