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Pikmin Bloom gets its first Community Day this month

the Pikmin Bloom community day
the Pikmin Bloom community day

Niantic and Nintendo have announced that the recently released iOS and Android game Pikmin Bloom will get its very first Community Day on Saturday,13th November. One of the perks of the first Community Day in Pikmin Bloom is that the various seedlings you have got in your planter pack will grow faster than the usual when you walk while planting flowers. Niantic also says that Fruits will even give more nectar as well. Finally, if you manage to complete 10,000 steps on the 13th November you are eligible for a special badge which will show on your user profile.


Date: Saturday, November 13th, 2021

Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (local time)

In-app rewards:

  • Pikmin seedlings in your planter pack will grow at about 1.5x the usual speed
  • Fruits will give 2x the usual amount of nectar
  • Users who walk 10,000 steps or more on this day will be awarded a special “Community Day Participant” badge
  • Big Flowers will bloom into pansies


3 thoughts on “Pikmin Bloom gets its first Community Day this month”

  1. It’s a glorified step counter game. It’s a very smart idea. My only hang up is I keep asking myself, what’s the point? I wish there was an “end goal”. It sucks my battery life, so I’ll likely be deleting this one soon.

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