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Metroid Dread has been updated to version 1.0.3

metroid dread

It is not surprising, but there hasn’t been any new content since Metroid Dread released over a month ago. Nevertheless, a handful of bugs have been discovered in the game. The significant bugs were fixed a month ago, but there are some minor ones too, so Nintendo has been taking the time to release a few updates that fixes them.

Well, Nintendo has released another update for the game. When you update Metroid Dread, the game should be at version 1.0.3. Only one bug fix was made in this update. However, Nintendo surprisingly included a paragraph that explains why they decided to fix the bug.. The patch notes can be seen down below.

General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Samus’ damage detection would disappear under certain conditions.
    • We made the decision to fix this issue because there is a possibility that it may occur unintentionally, and if it does, it will result in a play experience that is far different from the way Metroid Dread was originally intended to be experienced.


5 thoughts on “Metroid Dread has been updated to version 1.0.3”

  1. I did some digging into this glitch and it doesn’t last, well it does as long as you don’t go through an E.M.M.I. door or train.

  2. Some speed runners will be upset, but it was to save minutes, not a major skip. Though now they’ll have to properly fight bosses in the second half of the run.

    1. Never mind, this was used to skip through a specific temperature room safely. Though I believe most are still possible, you just barely survive while doing so.

  3. RIP any% runs. Devs seemed apologetic/reluctant about fixing this, so not sure why they patched it. Oh well. Hopefully they don’t keep patching out big things speedrunners are using (like camera lock).

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