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Geoff Keighley says Activision Blizzard will not be a part of this year’s The Game Awards

the game awards 2021

Geoff Keighley has confirmed that Activision Blizzard will not be at The Game Awards 2021 after reports came out which stated that abuse, harassment and predatory practices were insidious within the established development studio. The company’s games are still up for nominations such as Diablo 2 Remastered within the various categories at The Game Awards. The Game Awards kick off on the 9th December and the excellent Metroid Dread is up for Game of the Year.

18 thoughts on “Geoff Keighley says Activision Blizzard will not be a part of this year’s The Game Awards”

  1. They will “not be a part” of Game Awards, but still get the attention and awareness of their games…? The games gets exposure… isn’t that all that matters for Acty?

  2. ↑↑ I agree with ya @Kantenstain, shame I can’t like comments for some reason. It seems I can’t log in properly to do so.

    While it is nice that they won’t be here, it would’ve been better if all of their games were dropped from the lists of noiminations entirely, don’t give them any spotlight or attention AT ALL. You already got Xbox, Playstation, and NIntendo shaming and looking down on them. Let’s not stop there lol. Ban them from The Game Awards for a bit, maybe E3 as well.

    The only thing missing is for the fans to boycott their games, it’s the missing piece of the puzzle for Blizzard’s demise.

    1. I don’t think Blizz does E3; I think they make all of their reveals and showcases at BlizzCon. Speaking of, if BlizzCon 2022 doesn’t start off with Kotick getting booted from the company (I’ll settle for metaphorically, but physically will make me laugh and cheer), it won’t be worth watching, even if there’s Overwatch 2 stuff in there.

  3. the Activision|Blizzard games that are nominated shouldn’t be nominated for anything and need to be removed from the lists, Activision|Blizzard games don’t deserve to be nominated for anything,

  4. There seem to be a lot of people here who don’t understand the situation here.
    By boycotting their games from being nominated here, you’d only be hurting the actual devs and other innocent members of staff who poured their heart and souls into making them, not their scumbag CEO. This wouldn’t effect him in the slightest.
    This action here is enough, there’s no need to go further and invalidate the achievements of the talented men and women who made these games, some of whom were victims of the sexual abuse in the first place.

    1. Okay sorry for this long reply, I DID NOT expect to write all this. There’s a TDLR at the bottom.

      No no I get the situation, however, my problem with them goes far beyond the CEO’s stupidity. Their game models are full of terrible monetization practises, they repeatedly give their fans the short end of the stick, Diablo 3 was a failure, they ruined Call of Duty beyond doubt from greed, they milk the heck out of Starcraft and World of Warfcraft, then we wait years just to get some diablo mobile game that was a “out of season april fool’s joke” and they keep developing it like we actually want to play it on phones.

      Yeah the devs and innocent staff could get hurt in the process, but Activision | Blizzard really sucks as a company, they way they treat their fans sucks, and the approach they take in making their games sucks, not just the CEO. The whole company needs to change and turn over a new leaf, and in that process they need to recieve harsh criticism, face consequences as a company, lose benefactors and investors, etc.

      Getting rid of the current CEO would be a step in the right direction, but that sure as hell won’t fix their other problems. Look at the pokemon company and how far they’ve fallen from grace, they don’t care anymore because at the end of the day, people will always buy anything with “Pokemon” on it regardless of the company’s reputation. Hurting the CEO alone won’t fix a company, the entire company needs to be under fire before any real incentive to change can happen. Same goes for a government, you can’t just get rid of the terrible leader and expect everything to improve, the entire government has a mix of bad and good, and it needs to be weeded out.

      TLDR; Otherwise all you’re doing is putting a bandaid on an infected wound; you think it’s gonna heal, but it’s not. You need to remove the source of the infection, clean it out, and then it can start to heal.

      1. With all due respect, most of what you’ve said here has almost nothing to do with the subject matter.

        We’re talking about the consequences of the sexual harassment case, not their shitty corperate practices.
        If we banned game companies from having their games showcased at the Game Awards because of shitty/anti-consumer practices, quite frankly, there’d barely be any games there at all. But that’s not what this is about.

        Banning Activision games from the Game Awards will not change anything in regards to its CEO and his sexual harassment case. I think a lot of people here are hyping up what the Game Awards actually are a bit too much, it’s not a big deal to these corperate suits.
        It will, however, screw a lot of honest, hard working people from having their talent recognised by the industry.
        And the LAST thing we want to do is to punish the people who’ve already been through hell at that company.

        Yes, the game industry as a whole is complete shit right now. But doing this fixes absolutly nothing, and only punishes the hardworking devs because of awful decisions their corperate bosses make.
        Change needs to come, yes. But not like this.

        1. I know most of what I said has nothing to do with the subject matter. I just really hate Activision | Blizzard. I was a longtime fan of them and grew up with them, but I just want to watch the entire company burn now.

          But I don’t get where you got the idea that I said banning would fix anything from, let alone ban them just for their anti-consumer practices. I’m saying banning them from the game awards is merely just a first step, not the death blow or somethin. Banning them alone is just a slap on the wrist, they need to be scrutinzed from the media, their fans, their investors, everyone and everything so they can realize just how screwed they are.

          Yeah it’d suck for the devs, but unfortunately they’re the ones who are working for a shitty company. I wanna feel bad for them, but they’re on the losing side, there’s nothing more I can say for them. The can either bail why they can and watch the company fail, or stick around in hopes of the company redeeming itself, which will likely never happen because Activision | Blizzard stopped caring years ago.

          1. You know that makes a lot of sense yeah, that company only cares so much about money instead of caring about their employees environment. Employees has feelings too you know.

    2. The things is that Activision lays off plenty with employees even if they have record sales. The whole Activision company is a system built to let Kotic and Co earn immensely amounts of money and then abuse their employees. By stating “we need to praise the achievement of the developers” we’re only fueling the Activition broken system to abuse the employees even more. The praise and income of the games aren’t injected into the working force (they can’t even afford the food at the canteen there), they go straight to the CEO crew. And as long as this broken system is intact, all the validation of the developers will translate to income for the top. The whole system needs to be fixed, or just go down, so these talented people ACTUALLY can start working for a legitimate employer.

    1. Because then the employees can escape the sinking ship. “My company’s games are getting banned from the VGA? Maybe I really should consider leaving this company….”

      1. ^Agreed. It sucks for the Dev’s but they’re working for companies that only care about greed & stupidity. Unless you put these companies in serious jeopardy, they ain’t gonna change because that’s what companies always do.

        1. As I stated earlier in this conversation. The system is rigged to screw over the employees. All, and absolutely all, the positive feedback translate to more money for the top. They either need to fix the company from top to bottom, or the company needs to go under, so there will be a new vacuum on the markedet that others can fill, and hire people back.

          1. Exactly, and people don’t seem to get that. No matter what, positive feedback only benefits them, and negative feedback/criticism only sound like warnings to them. If you really want a company to change then it either needs to fail to be rebuilt from the ground up or have all bad in it weeded out.

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