YouTube series ‘Nintendo Minute’ starring Kit & Krysta has come to an end, final episode released

For those subscribed to Nintendo’s YouTube channel, many have grown fond of Nintendo Minute; a lighthearted web series hosted by the loveable Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang. Sadly, the latest episode has revealed that the show is coming to an abrupt end. With over eight years of weekly uploads, a total of 429 episodes have been released, and that’s definitely an impressive feat deserving of celebration. Check out the final episode below and make sure to remember; Nintendo Minute was never a minute.


  1. Whoa, 8 years? Time sure flies.
    I didn’t watch the show on a regular basis and only watched for like a minute (no pun intended) or so on a few episodes. Still, it was a nice show. Looking forward to what else Kit and Kyrsta will be doing at NOA.

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