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Android 21 (Lab Coat) coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

android 21

Bandai Namco has updated fans to let them know that a new downloadable character is coming to the popular fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ. The latest character is Android 21(Lab Coat) who will join the fray sometime early next year. The company has produced a short teaser trailer for Android 21 (Lab Coat) which you can watch in the tweet down below.

4 thoughts on “Android 21 (Lab Coat) coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ”

  1. I really hope this means we’re getting a season 4. There’s still a handful of characters missing that would be really awesome like Raditz, Zarbon, Super Buu, Dabura, Pikkon, and Uub.
    Heck, I’d even be down for some unexpected picks like King Cold, Kami, Eighter, Pilaf Gang, and King Vegeta.

  2. Yeah……..her being in a lab coat doesn’t warrant an entirely new character slot for her in the slightest. Rather than monetize Fighterz’s oc, give us ignored characters like King Piccolo, Turles, Bojack, King Cold, Pikkon, Omega Shenron, King Vegeta, etc.

    Not surprised if they reveal her as paid dlc. And I even bet they’re gonna save these ignored characters for yet another season pass, like they do with all of their games now.

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