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Final episode of Pokemon Evolutions now available

Today, The Pokémon Company International unveiled the final episode of Pokémon Evolutions, a new animated limited series created to celebrate 25 years of the global entertainment franchise. This eight-episode series has taken fans on a journey through all known regions of the Pokémon world that have been explored in the popular core video games since their launch 25 years ago. Featuring the regions in reverse chronological order to their original discovery, each episode brought a fresh perspective to familiar Pokémon tales. The final episode, “The Discovery,” brings viewers back to the Kanto region where the Pokémon franchise first began. It can be viewed here:
“The Discovery” Episode Synopsis:
It started as a whisper that became a rumor. Now everyone is talking about it—what just might be the most powerful Pokémon ever has been discovered in Kanto! And Green, Pokémon Trainer extraordinaire, is racing to catch it. But she’s not the only one on its trail…
Fans can now watch all eight episodes of Pokémon Evolutions exclusively on the official Pokémon YouTube channel and Pokémon TV. They include:

  • “The Champion” featuring the Galar region
  • “The Eclipse” featuring the Alola region
  • “The Visionary” featuring the Kalos region
  • “The Plan” featuring the Unova region
  • “The Rival” featuring the Sinnoh region
  • “The Wish” featuring the Hoenn region
  • “The Show” featuring the Johto region
  • “The Discovery” featuring the Kanto region

Source: The Pokemon Company

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