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Video: Pokémon Legends: Arceus commercial

It isn’t very long before Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will be releasing Pokemon Legends: Arceus. With the game’s release being later this month, you should be seeing commercials and advertisements for the game beginning to appear now. Nintendo also likes to upload videos of their commercials, and this is no exception.

A new commercial has been released for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The commercial is called “A World of Adventure Awaits in Hisui”. The game will be available to play exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on January 28th. Nintendo uploaded the commercial to their YouTube channel, so you can see it down below.

3 thoughts on “Video: Pokémon Legends: Arceus commercial”

  1. I really want this game to be good, I really do, but I’m still very skeptical about what the final product is gonna look like.

  2. I’m gonna be honest, as much as I like the concept and the crafting system in the game which it looks pretty neat, but It just looks almost really unpolished and uninspired to others right now. But, I’m a bit stoked for this game.

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