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SEGA is asking for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania feedback

monkey ball Sega feedback

SEGA recently released Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania which didn’t quite make a mark which SEGA and the fans had expected. Average review scores for the game were around 75/100 and some players were put off by the company announcing paid downloadable content before the main game launched. While SEGA is presumably working on the next entry in the long-running series they have taken to Twitter to ask fans to complete a survey for their feedback. You can leave your feedback here.

5 thoughts on “SEGA is asking for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania feedback”

  1. Make the monkeys spin out of control when you’re going at top speed like in the original game, and improve the sound effects. Probably very nitpicky, but I feel like the game would feel much better with those changes.

    1. YES. The sound (or lack thereof, in this case) is one of my biggest gripes with Banana Mania. Instead of that constant sound from the original games that got higher and higher pitched when you moved faster, you just get this one “blip” sound that doesn’t change in pitch, just plays more and more frequently, giving less player feedback.

      1. It sounds like something from a generic mobile game, and it puts me off from the game very quickly. Usually I don’t notice sound effects unless if I highly dislike them…. and boy is Banana Mania’s highly grating.

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