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Nintendo announces Ryu 35th Anniversary Edition Spirit coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo has announced that it is joining Capcom to celebrate the iconic Street Fighter series 35th Anniversary which takes place this year. As you already know, both Ryu and Ken are featured in the brilliant Super Smash Bros Ultimate which was a momentous occasion when first revealed. To celebrate the fighting series 35th Anniversary a new Evil Ryu Spirit will appear in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirit Board for you to collect. The Spirit should arrive on Friday.


  1. So it’s just a recolor of the same spirit used for Ryu? I’m pretty sure other artwork of Evil Ryu exists, they had to have made one for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers or something

    1. You can probably advance him into what he would look like now which could be street fighter 4 evil Rui or Kage from street fighter 5

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