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The Pokemon Company has released the soundtrack for the original Pokemon Diamond & Pearl games for free

Nintendo is not a video gaming company that releases soundtracks to their games often. More often than not, they prefer to take down videos of Nintendo music that fans uploaded instead. In fact, you have probably heard about what has happened to Nintendo content on the GilvaSunner channel just this week.

Well, although Nintendo is not that interested in making the soundtracks to their games available to purchase, The Pokemon Company is. The official Pokemon Twitter announced earlier today that “all the music you love from the original Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl games is now available to listen to AND download for use in personal video and music creation”. Their tweet about the matter is down below.

8 thoughts on “The Pokemon Company has released the soundtrack for the original Pokemon Diamond & Pearl games for free”

  1. Well, at least the Pokémon company is still ok with people to listen to Pokémon music’s online and on YouTube. I still get that Nintendo is not interest of there IP music being uploaded online by users and themselves for people to listen to. Right now, Nintendo fans are getting fed up with Nintendo’s crap after what happen to SiIvaGunner channel.

    1. While everything you said is true, people have short memories, and what they are doing regarding this is not gonna stop people from buying their games, therefore not affecting anything for them. This is temporary outrage, and they know it, so they don’t care, and most likey, won’t change, cause they know people will move on from this soon enough.

      1. There’s people who’ve homebrewed their consoles because of Nintendo’s cutthroat policies, but yeah Nintendo is too big for it to really impact their profit margin. Nintendo is going to continue what they’ve been doing, even if fan works like mods would help increase their profits since it still requires you to buy a copy of the game.

      2. Yes, what I said are in indeed true. They really trying to prove a point to people. Even if you are a Sonic or a Nintendo fan, a Nintendo or a Sonic youtuber, Nintendo will still not gonna change there ways and do changes to the policies related to this topic of copyright soundtracks being uploaded by random users online.

        Nintendo do indeed make money out of there soundtracks they made for various Nintendo franchises and they will not let anyone or anyone popular gamers make money out of there soundtracks in there videos or there IPs in there online stores. So, what Shinygold2 said, Nintendo will continue on what they are doing best every now and then and some people are still fed up with some of Nintendo unfair policies and some believe they have cross the line. Yeah, DMCA I understand 100% according to there policy because of the unrelease content, but the soundtracks that people listen to, yeah I get that honestly. Nintendo is a very rich company in Japan and disobedience will not be tolerated by fans and youtubers.

  2. So while Ninty makes themselves look like assholes by going after the YouTuber & not giving people an alternative to listen to the music he put up that they took down, the PokeCompany actually does give an alternative. claps Good job, Nintendo.

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