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Pokemon Sword & Shield now the 2nd best selling Pokemon game of all time

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released updated sales figures for the Pokemon franchise and the Nintendo Switch games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are now the second best-selling Pokemon games of all-time selling a total of 23.9 million as of February 2022. The newly released sales figures mean that Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield have now knocked the iconic Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver games down to third. Here’s the top ten Pokemon games by sales:

  1. Pokemon Red & Green & Blue
  2. Pokemon Sword & Shield
  3. Pokemon Gold & Silver
  4. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
  5. Pokemon X & Y
  6. Pokemon Sun & Moon
  7. Pokemon Ruby & Saphire
  8. Pokemon Back & White
  9. Pokemon Yellow
  10. Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire


13 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield now the 2nd best selling Pokemon game of all time”

  1. Noooooooooooo! Not gold & silver.

    On a different note, they badly need to revise all the TM moves. And all the badly designed pokemon from 3rd or 4thgeneration and on.

  2. This is sad. Sword and shield are universally bad games. Comes to show how strong this franchise is and how poorly its being dealt with.

    1. The bar is set incredibly low with Pokemon, for some reason. Look at Legends Arceus… despite it’s flaws and lack of polish, people are loving it because there was some attempt in it to evolve the series.

      Somehow Pokemon has successfully kept their audience’s expectations low that they don’t have to work too hard on their games.

      Even me, as a critic of Pokemon games, has the attitude of “I’m glad Arceus isn’t terrible. I think I’ll buy it.”

      1. Random question. What is your experience in the software/game development Industry. I ask because you stated ‘expectations low that they don’t have to work too hard on their games.” so surely you must have some insight into the level of effort it takes to develop software/games in the modern area to make such a claim that they don’t work hard right? I am surely you aren’t talking out of complete ignorance right? Nah

        1. That’s a fair point. I don’t actually know how “hard” they actually work. Maybe a more accurate way to put it is they don’t need to work “smart” as the bar is set very low. There’s not a lot of pressure for them to create a compelling or cohesive experience(s)… really just add more content to the franchise while capitalizing on nostalgia when possible.

          1. +CFG
            As someone that has some experience in 3D Modelling, I can confirm Gamefreak does work really hard on these games as the 3D Modelling alone is a massive amount of work especially when designing a world as big as the one Pokemon Legends Arceus has.
            The issue with Pokemon isn’t so much how hard they work, the issue is they seem hell-bent on making decisions that the community are not wholly in support of such as the dex cut, removing features people loved, not adding features like difficulty options, and forcing stuff like Dynamaxing, the affection system, and overpowered EXP Share into our faces.
            The issue isn’t the effort they put in, it’s the decisions that are.

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