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Nintendo has acquired SRD

Nintendo has announced today that it has acquired a close partner of the company, SRD (Systems Research and Development), who have worked with the company since Nintendo started work on the Nintendo Entertainment system in 1982. SRD has assisted in the programming of games on nearly every Nintendo console, according to the Nintendo wiki. The last game SRD worked on was Game Builder Garage which was released on the Nintendo Switch last year. Nintendo says the move will “serve to strengthen the management base of SRD and secure the availability of software development resources for Nintendo.”


11 thoughts on “Nintendo has acquired SRD”

    1. after reading this article and all the comments I clicked on another article called “Bloomberg Suggests Switch Might Be A Replacement For Both The Wii U And 3DS” I saw you in those comments too even though it’s from 5 years ago 😂 you’ve been on here for a while man, shout out to you. You were a lil rude back then in those comments though ngl 😂

    1. We will never know really (unless they state it officially), but we can suspect there were some management or contracting issues between the companies. Or maybe another company wanted to buy SRD and gave their financial offer, so Nintendo decided to intervene.
      Or maybe Nintendo has some structured plans for the future. Who knows?

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