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Kingdom Hearts 4 revealed with hyperrealistic visuals

sora in kingdom hearts 4

Square Enix has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of the beloved Kingdom Hearts franchise and as expected we were treated to a look at the next entry, Kingdom Hearts 4. Fans were treated to a three minute hyperrealistic and visually stunning trailer featuring Sora. Platforms for Kingdom Hearts 4 haven’t been announced by Square Enix but it’s likely to be on PlayStation 5, PC and perhaps Xbox Series X|S. Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently being built with Unreal Engine 4, but the team have announced that they are preparing to switch to the newly released and more powerful, Unreal Engine 5. Check out the trailer down below at the 7.48 mark.

38 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 4 revealed with hyperrealistic visuals”

  1. “Platforms for Kingdom Hearts 4 haven’t been announced by Square Enix but it’s likely to be on PlayStation 5, PC and perhaps Xbox Series X|S.”, welcome back to the classic MNN era, now bring back the commander, her army and Sasori.

    Never change Sickr.

      1. Quadraxis isn’t crazy…she’s a loca and with loca i mean that he swings for the other team, if you know what i mean.

  2. Unless there is another cloud version incoming or the next Nintendo system is powerful enough to run KH4 (highly unlikely), there is no reason we should expect this on Switch.

    Putting that aside, KH fans will be lucky if S-E releases this before the PS5 and X|S successors are out lol.

    1. More like before their successors outstock them & sell 75m systems while PS5 & X|S are still under 50m. 2 years into their lifespans & one of them just now outsold the damn Gamecube. Lol They shoulda done been past it 6 months ago. (I feel like I’m not being generous enough here.) Yeah, yeah. Covid, blah, blah. Pandemic, blah, blah.

      1. The reason isn’t actually the pandemic, it’s global chip shortage. Sony just can’t produce enough PS5 consoles to meet the demand. Whenever new PS5s are available, they immediately sell out, so that shows that people do want to buy it. They just can’t right now. At the time it looks like the chip shortage is still going to last for a few more years at least. This means if Nintendo were to release a new console within the next one or two years, they could very well run into the same issue. In fact, they already did with the Switch itself, but the problem wasn’t as severe as with the PS5, because the console launched before the shortage and they were already able to meet a big chunk of the demand by then.

  3. This looks absolutely terrible. Kingdom Hearts used to have an art style that made it feel fun, and fairly unique. This just seems like another desperate attempt by Square to “westernize” their product. They’ve stripped it of its personality, and It’s honestly a shame to see the dumpster fire this franchise has become after the first two games. I guess since they’ve ruined Final Fantasy and made it almost unrecognizable, now it’s really KH’s turn. I wonder what the likelihood of Sqaure announcing bankruptcy before this game is ever released is?

      1. While they aren’t going bankrupt anytime soon, this isn’t really true. As a quick example, their Marvel releases have been an absolute financial disaster.

        1. Not only are their western studios failing, I’m not sure how much of a profit you can make on KH/FF when both games stay in development hell for over a decade!

        2. While true Marvel was a failure, that is still only one example. Their RPGs still sell either well enough or more than enough. It’s probably why they’ve been doing remakes and rerelease compilations in recent years. Easy money with that

    1. You might be running into very wrong conclusions here. Don’t forget that this is Kingdom Hearts, which is a game about multiple different worlds that can all end up looking very different from one another. Often times, Sora and the gang even transform into shapes that fit more naturally within the respective world. In fact, in KH3 in particular, they probably had a unique design for every single world they visited.

      Simply put: It’s way more likely that what we saw in the trailer is just a single world within the game that is intentionally made to look kinda off, rather than what the entirety of the art style will look like.

  4. Yeaaah, hyper-realism. My favourite!
    Because why have a unique and appealing art style that takes actual effort to make when you can just go with easy, soulless hyper-realistic graphics!

    Yet another fantastic decision from your friendly neighborhood morons over at Square Enix!

  5. The hairstyle looks so weird hyperrealistic. It’d be like if they gave Mario individual, realistic mustache hairs but it still made the same cartoon shape.

        1. Fair enough. Sora definitely has a bit of uncanny valley in these shots imo. But, there’s still time for improvement. Hopefully they will polish him up a bit

  6. That blue flame tho… when the voice says “Hey” they stand at attention so I thought “Maybe King Mickey?” Then they got scared and grabbed eachother, so my guess is that it’s a bad guy who has become good teaming with everyone(someone from formerly Org13), or A new team member…. Lea has red flames but things could’ve changed.
    Idk… I love how Donald and Goofy look but Sora should’ve kept SOME cartoon features, like how they did for Mario and some of the other Smash bros in the reveals

  7. Are they ever going to go back and add back in the content KH3 needed to equal its predecessors? No? Hard pass then.

    I preordered the original game on announcement. Long time fan. This series is now a frankenstein monster that has little to do with what it was, and is now a C-grade anime unrelated to Final Fantasy or Disney.

  8. As hyped as I am for Kingdom hearts 4, I just hope for two things:
    1. But I don’t have to wait until 2030 to play it

    That Square makes it with Nintendo consoles in mind (and I don’t mean cloud versions either)

  9. As much as KH3 is a 80% disappointment (being awfully generous here), I still have a little faith in Nomura.

    Ugh! What a terrible way to end the fucking Xehanort Saga! It’s ALMOST as bad as Game of Thrones final fucking season. Imagine if Kairi had pulled an Arya & been the one to defeat Xehanort, Maleficent turned into what you thought was gonna be the final villain, and then Riku suddenly turned evil again & HE became the final villain instead after killing Maleficent, forcing Sora to kill him. That woulda been GoT level shite.) If KH4 ends up being mostly a disappointment, too, THEN I’ll be done with it. (My interest in the Disney name brand is dwindling fast.)

  10. KH4 could be a saving grace if it doesn’t end up being another sequelbait title like KH3 was, but I’m being heavily optimisitc. I swear they were building up more towards KH4 than they were trying to have KH3 have a satisfying conclusion between the foretellers, that box people were looking for, and the girl Lea and Isa were talking about.

    1. The foretellers, the black box (no one was ever gonna find that damn thing as we later discover Braig/Xigbar was Luxu & probably had it well fucking hidden; at least til a future game reveals Luxu’s box & the box everyone else was looking for are two very different boxes, which is highly possible because Kingdom Hearts LOVES to pull some sleight of hand bullshit), and Isa & Lea’s mystery girl were never meant to be concluded in KH3 & was always bait for post-Xehanort Saga. Master Xehanort should have been the ONLY focus. But nope. Gotta fill KH3 with post-Xehanort Saga sequel bait. Shit that should’ve been saved for secret files, a post credits scene, & another side game that takes place AFTER 3 (or at least during 3 in the background away from the Xehanort stuff).

    2. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] is unfortunately far from finished, though, since that teenager Xehanort & Eraqus stuff we saw is apparently gonna be an expansion to χ[chi]. sigh Why it can’t just be a sequel instead so we could get a console release of χ[chi] is beyond me, because with Brain in the present, you’d think the χ[chi] story would be complete now.

  11. People are going nuts over KH4, but I’m pretty annoyed over “Missing Link”. I was low-key hoping for us to get a console title of Kingdom Hearts RE: Union so that I don’t have to watch YouTube vids for both Union X and Dark Road, and now there’s another mobile title I need to watch vids of just to keep up. Dang it, Nomura!

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