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Japan: Digimon Survive finally gets release date

Digimon survive trailer screenshot

Bandai Namco’s latest game in the popular Digimon series, Digimon Survive, has finally received a release date in Japan. Japanese gamers will be able to play the game when it releases on 28th July in the land of the rising sun. Digimon Survive was originally revealed back in 2018 in an issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump and has suffered several delays. Hopefully the game won’t suffer any further setbacks.


3 thoughts on “Japan: Digimon Survive finally gets release date”

  1. Seen a YouTube video where Amazon and Play-Asia had a delivery date for Digimon Survive, not sure if it was legit or not.
    July 28th for JPN, wonder what the world wide release date is or North America. Have they announced a release date for the west?
    Hopefully it doesn’t get delayed anymore.

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