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Nintendo Switch Online emulators for Game Boy Advance, Game Boy and Game Boy Color found

the classic Nintendo game boy advance

It seems as though the release of Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color and Game Boy games on the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service are imminent. An official emulator was discovered, which means that the inclusion of handheld classics will be coming to service. It will be interesting to see what tier they will be included on, as there are two tiers for Nintendo Switch Online – the standard tier which includes Nintendo Entertainment System games and Super Nintendo games and the higher tier titled Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which includes Nintendo 64 games and SEGA Mega Drive games. It will most likely be part of the standard tier ,but we shall have to wait and see what transpires.

14 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online emulators for Game Boy Advance, Game Boy and Game Boy Color found”

  1. Cool! Hopefully it won’t be an expansion pass of the expansion pass that requires a higher subscription value.
    Maybe there’s a direct around the corner.

      1. I refuse to pay. As I’ve mentioned multiple times, the current price doesn’t justify the cost of a subpar service.

    1. I always wanted to play the Metal Gear Solid game for Game Boy Color. There were a few Game Boy Color only games that I missed out on. Had original until I could afford GBA in 7th grade with paper route money.

      Some other color only games; Resident Evil, James Bond, Perfect Dark, NBA Jam. Kirby Tilt and Tumble could work with the joycons maybe.

    2. I’m pretty sure we will especially since SNES NES, and N64 have online capabilities something they didn’t have around their original debuts, trading doesn’t seem like it be a problem.

      1. I think those are a bit different since you’re basically emulating a controller. Maybe coding for Gameboy multiplayer online would be a bit more intricate, but I’m not sure.

        1. Yeah but if you had a 3ds and ambassodor you could still use play gba games in multiplayer and you could still trade with other 3ds with the digital eshop versions of pokemon red, blue and yellow, thats kinda a small thing that could easily be handle, btw I miss your ben pfp so much 😳.

  2. In before someone complains that the additions are worthless because they don’t include some specific game that Nintendo doesn’t even own the rights to.

    1. If you’re forced to pay for an online subscription with games you don’t even want to play online, of course you won’t be very happy.

      Especially considering these old ass games they keep using is something you could go play on an emulator if you really cared.

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