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Netflix reveals teaser of Sonic Prime and shares new voice actor

sonic prime

Netflix has showcased a short teaser for their upcoming Sonic Prime animated series which is scheduled to stream on the service later this year. Along with the new footage, Netflix shared who will be voicing the spiky blue hedgehog and it is Canadian voice actor, Deven Mack, who was welcomed by various voice actors such as long-term Sonic video game voice actor, Roger Craig Smith. Sonic fan account Tails Channel also shared the other voice actors who will star in Sonic Prime and you can see those down below.

Big thanks to sonicgalaxy27 for the news tip!

12 thoughts on “Netflix reveals teaser of Sonic Prime and shares new voice actor”

    1. Weird, I didn’t get an email notification. I haven’t been getting them for some time, so I’ll need to have a look to see what’s happened! Update: Just checked and I haven’t been getting the emails from WordPress for the past week or so. Sorry to anyone who sent in a news tip! It’s sorted now :)

      1. I mean this isn’t sonic’s first time being voice by a black dude, classic sonic in the older cartoons was voice by jaleel white, and he was pretty good.

    1. Agreed 8 kinda don’t like meta modern sonic, but keep him tame he was a bit meta in his other shows but their was at least a balance, he doesn’t need to be self aware 24/7

      1. Yeah as good as the Boom show was, I really hope they don’t a whole slew of meta jokes constantly for this show. Plus at this point what meta joke can be made that hasn’t been made already? I just want a good Sonic show, that’s all

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