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Junichi Masuda leaves Game Freak, now Chief Creative Fellow at The Pokemon Company

Mr. Masuda has left Pokemon developer Game Freak

In a move that will either please or sadden fans of the acclaimed Pokemon franchise, it has been announced this morning that Junichi Masuda has now left Pokemon development studio, Game Freak. The Pokemon Company said in a press release that Junichi Masuda will join them as the Chief Creative Fellow which will be effective from today. Mr. Masuada has served for many years as the managing director at the mainline Pokemon game development studio, Game Freak. It’s not clear who will now reprise Junichi Masuda’s role. Game Freak is currently working on Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

I have served as the director of the Pokémon video game series, starting with “Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version” up until “Pokémon X and Pokémon Y,” and was involved in the development of many video games, including Pokémon GO. I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to all Pokémon fans.
Going forward, I hope to transcend the boundaries of video games by trying to offer greater surprises, fun and excitement to people all over the world, while doing my utmost to connect people, expand the circle of “play” and to help bring about a richer world for us to share. I appreciate your continued support in my new role.

Junichi Masuda


Thanks to Greatsong1 for sending in the news tip!

7 thoughts on “Junichi Masuda leaves Game Freak, now Chief Creative Fellow at The Pokemon Company”

  1. Good to see that his new role will be an advisory role. He’s one of the main guys who contributed to the explosive success of the Pokémon brand. Looking forward to knowing more about GF’s plans moving forward.

  2. In short a promotion of the nicest kind. You work and are on vacation at the same time 🙂. Happy gaming and that fellow Madusa San.


  3. The Pokémon Games have only gone downhill since the launch of the 3DS. Sword and Shield and Arceus look like bad Nintendo 64 Games and play like the. Too

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