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Digital Foundry says Mario Strikers: Battle League is “extremely polished” 

The team at Digital Foundry have put the newly released Mario Strikers: Battle League through its paces and have come away impressed by what they have seen from a technical viewpoint. The game runs at 1080p in docked mode and 720p in handheld mode. The targeted frame rate for the gameplay is 60fps in both docked and handheld mode and thankfully the game sticks to that the majority of times, which is impressive work by first party development studio, Next Level Games. However it should be noted that when Mario Strikers: Battle League enters in-game cutscenes or closeups etc the framerate drops down to 30fps and can be a little sensitive at times. Wrapping up, the team at Digital Foundry are impressed with what Next Level Games has achieved, stating that it is an extremely polished game and very nice to look at. You can read our review of the game here.


8 thoughts on “Digital Foundry says Mario Strikers: Battle League is “extremely polished” ”

        1. lol, you don’t have to hide his name like he’s a demon or something.

          Demeech is actually both excited and upset about the game. In one of his videos he expressed that the demo he played was really fun and he enjoyed what he played. His worry is that it won’t last due to a lack of overall content (as is mine).

          The devs definitely made quality with what they were given, but it feels like Nintendo didn’t give them enough time to add more stuff to make sure it felt like a full game. Daisy not being in base game also feels like a cheap tactic to make the “free dlc” feel worthwhile

  1. I’m going to wait until all of its content is released before I buy it. ACNH burned me out on its drip feed approach, and I can see this happening again with Strikers unless I play it later

    1. Waiting for a game to be fully patched is not a bad tactic, i’m probably doing the same. There is plenty of games to play…

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