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Rumour: Images of new Fire Emblem game leak

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We have heard over the last year that Nintendo has a new entry in the Fire Emblem series ready to go and that it was supposed to be released last year for the 30th anniversary of the Fire Emblem franchise. Yesterday, prominent Nintendo insider Emily Rogers posted more details about the as of yet unannounced game which is set to be a collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo and Gust. Today, screenshots of the Chinese version of the game leaked online and are thought to have been leaked by the Chinese translation company. You can check out the screenshots down below.


Thanks to those of you who sent this in!

10 thoughts on “Rumour: Images of new Fire Emblem game leak”

    1. No it is not.

      Also, I find the leaked screenshots highly unlikely to be real. For one, one of the character names in the supports is the Japanese equivalent to lol. This is highly suggestive, to me, of them being a hoax.

      1. It appears to be the character avatar, so I’m terrified that it appears to be a real leak and really terrible. Three Houses was a welcome return to form and this seems like a return to fateslandia style trash.

      1. Never played Tokyo mirage but isnt that like an original game that just happen to have a spinoff with fire emblem characters I meant something like someone being a future descendant of byleth, Marth, chrome or Roy living in a modern like world, than suddenly some mysterious force attacks and the descendant has to rev up a crew to help fight them and along the way he/she recruits some characters that are also descendants of previous fire emblem characters sounds like a pretty cool premise imo.

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