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UK consumer organisation Which? says Nintendo needs to launch independent investigation into Joy-Con drift

various joy-cons colours

UK consumer group Which?, which tests products and raises awareness of consumer rights and offers independent advice, has said that Nintendo should commission an independent investigation into the infamous Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem. The company says that it has surveyed 919 UK owners of the original Nintendo Switch console and noted that 40% noted problems with Joy-Con drift, but only 73% of those actually contacted Nintendo about it. 19% of those who complained didn’t receive a repair or replacement by Nintendo UK support.

 “Our research shows that drift problems continue to plague Nintendo Switch owners yet too often they can be left footing the bill themselves to replace faulty controllers or face a lottery when they contact Nintendo for support. Nintendo needs to commission an urgent independent investigation into why this problem occurs and make the findings public. The video game giant must also commit to completely free-of-charge repairs or replacements for those affected by the problem and must promote this scheme so that consumers know that support is available.”

Which? director of policy and advocacy, Rocio Concha 


9 thoughts on “UK consumer organisation Which? says Nintendo needs to launch independent investigation into Joy-Con drift”

  1. When I send my Joy-Cons in to Nintendo about the same problem for the 6th time, They didn’t even send back my Joy-Cons to me and I been waiting for 3 weeks now for them to return it to me and still no word for them or no package delivery for me. They probably believe I did something wrong with them but I didn’t. They know exactly what’s the problem with those controllers and they have yet to identify what causing the drift in the first place.

    People are still filing lawsuits against Nintendo and they are still fed up with those Joy-Cons drifts. Nintendo still needs work on there controller motherboards.

  2. Why after 5 years are they still making these controllers in the exact same technology from when they were first released and easily drift. That’s stupid.

  3. I thought Root Cause was already known. Has to do with wear out of the contact pad internal to the individual Joycon stick component. Honestly, the failure is probably inherent to the small form factor of the Joycon. In other words, the technology that makes it small also is prone to wear out. I doubt there is a suitable drop in replacement that fits it’s small size.
    Here’s a nice teardown on Imgur:

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