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IGN teasing world premiere exclusive from SEGA (Hyenas)

Update: The new game is from SEGA and Creative Assembly and is a space based multiplayer shooter with a unique art style. It’s not coming to Nintendo Switch. If you are interested you can read more here at IGN.

IGN has taken to Twitter to inform SEGA fans that they are set to reveal a world premiere exclusive game today via the IGN Summer of Gaming stream. People have naturally been trying to guess what the game will be with people leaning towards a classic franchise. You can catch the stream today at 10am PT / 6pm UK time. We shall let you know what the new SEGA game is once it’s revealed.

4 thoughts on “IGN teasing world premiere exclusive from SEGA (Hyenas)”

    1. Sonic team does the sonic games sega just helps advertise them, theirs a huge reason why you always see sonic team logo whenever you play any of recent modern sonic games.

  1. If you listen to the sound it sounds like a dolphin. They’re probably releasing an Echo the Dolphin game.

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